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Dear Income Investor,

How would you like to have more than 200 highly paid investment analysts working for you … digging through every stock market in the world to unearth overlooked high-payout gems yielding up to 19.5%?

You would?

Great, because we’ve just released our top high-yield picks for February 2014 … and these 29 high-yielding gems are culled straight from the 200-plus investment advisories we follow here at Dick Davis Dividend Digest.

What’s the value to you?

Well, every month our team scours more than 200 financial advisories cover to cover. We select the most compelling 25 to 30 income recommendations and present them to our subscribers in a compact 12-page letter.

When you join our family of long-term subscribers, you’ll get the best, most timely picks of the top income experts in America, all in one convenient financial intelligence briefing.

That’s our job, and we do it well. We don’t take advertising. We don’t get a nickel from the analysts who appear in our pages.

We make our money from subscription payments and nothing else. And we haven't stayed in business more than 30 years without making money for our subscribers.

They’re saving some pretty good money, too. These 200 newsletters would cost $32,000 a year—if you subscribed to them all. Luckily, you don’t have to.

These Aren’t Your Father’s Stocks and Bonds

You’ll find a lot more than old-fashioned common stocks in Dividend Digest.

You’ll see the highest-paying municipal and corporate bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, MLPs, even exotic securities you may never have heard of before, like BDCs, ELKs and a lot more.

Let’s Take a Peek at The February Picks

Here are just some of the 27 great new income securities—including stocks, trusts, ETFs, REITs and mutual funds—from this month’s issue. You’ll get all of them in your first issue:

And those are just a few of our picks for February 2014. Read about all the rest of them in our February issue.

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As you can see, most of the companies you’ll find in Dividend Digest are pretty simple. They don’t get a lot of attention—they simply grow steadily and make solid profits every year.

Granted, they are not as fun to talk about as some biotech outfit whose stock could triple overnight if the FDA gives it the nod. But we’ll leave those “investments” for someone else. We’ll stick with nuts-and-bolts companies that you can get your hands around. We are into buy and hold, not buy and hope.

Keeping things simple can work wonders for your portfolio. In 2001, while most stock indexes dropped 10% to 20%, wiping out more than a trillion dollars in investors’ wealth, dividend-paying stocks were up, beating the S&P 500 by nine percentage points.

You suspected it and you were right…

There IS a better way to generate generous income from your portfolio without settling for today’s miserly CD and money market yields.

At Dividend Digest, we’re racking up solid profits in this tough market by focusing on companies with solid fundamentals that are generating consistent profits in basic industries.

Every pick in our letter offers the two things we cherish most: A long history of honest-to-goodness growth (as opposed to contrived growth engineered by accounting fictions) and a generous record of dividends. These are exactly the sorts of stocks that have allowed us to watch our portfolios get fatter, while those of so many other investors are shrinking.

Plenty of the picks in Dividend Digest yield above 10%. Invest in these cash cows and you’re beating the stock market’s historical total return in dividends alone!

Dividends don’t get much respect from most investors. That’s a big mistake.

Dividends are a sign of financial strength, of a real business making real profits.

Dividends not only require executives to use capital efficiently, they also send a clear message that management is putting shareholders first and treating them right by paying them the profits they deserve as co-owners of the business.

What's more, a steady stream of dividends indicates that a company is on the up-and-up and keeps straight books. You can hide a lot of bad news with dodgy accounting, but you can't fake dividends.

A key reason dividend-paying investments have clobbered the competition is that they fare so much better during bear markets. Over the three tough years of 2000-2002, S&P 500 stocks that paid dividends went against the grain and rose 10.4%. Meanwhile, the non-payers lost 33.1%.

There has never been a better time to load up on high-yield stocks.

By some estimates, investors will pocket an extra $70 billion over the next two years thanks to the current low tax rates. Tax rates could have shot up to 39.6%. Instead, they are down at 20% for qualified dividends.

This news couldn’t have come at a better time. After shepherding their resources during the recession, corporations are now flush with cash. So a wide range of companies are boosting their payouts fast…

Consider our 2013 High Yield "Hall of Fame":

… ’ and there are plenty more where those came from!

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You Won’t Just Beat Other Yields—You’ll CRUSH Them

Look around you at the sorry choices income investors face today.

You’re lucky to find a CD paying a puny 2%. And that’s before inflation chops off your return at the knees.

Bank accounts are a joke. The last time I looked, money market funds were averaging a laughable 0.07%. To double your money at that rate it would take 600 years!

Government bonds are hardly any better. Ten-year Treasury bonds pay just 2.7%. Even corporate bonds only pay about 4%.

Compare that to the latest issue of Dividend Digest. In it you’ll find yields of 11.4%, 10.3% and 7.64%. I suggest you send for that issue right now and get the ticker symbols of those high yielders.

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So let’s get started. If you like the idea of watching a never-ending stream of cash flow into your portfolio, there’s no better place to start than Dividend Digest.

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Wishing you years of safe income ahead,

Nancy Zambell

Nancy Zambell

Editor, Dividend Digest

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