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Introducing the
Tactical Trading System
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Can Use to Get Rich

—even in this crazy market!

Dear Fellow Investor,

I’m Tim Lutts, and this has been our goal from the beginning here at Cabot:

To create a simple, low-cost, and effective way to increase your investment profits using the same kind of big-money tactical trades that hedge funds and institutions make.

We did this by:

  1. Drawing on our 43 years of money-doubling technical trading and investing experience, using predictive overlays, support/resistance levels, trend lines, moving averages, trend channels, and volume indicators
  2. Using advanced computer technologies to then identify and reverse-engineer hidden profit triggers behind Wall Street’s biggest trades and then
  3. Combining this technology with low-cost put and call options

As a result, we have been able to give the independent investor not only a low-risk/high-profit trading system that’s 100% unique to the market but also money-doubling profits tactical hedge fund traders enjoy across all sectors and in both rising and declining markets.

With nearly four years under our belt now, the results have been simply phenomenal—doubling our readers’ money 19 times while delivering 135 double- and triple-digit winners.

Not by making daily trades, but by making disciplined and tactical ones where the percentages of success are in our favor.

That’s the beauty of our computer-driven trading system.

It scientifically sifts and sorts through more than 5,000 possibilities and then narrows that list to the top 1% and then goes one step further, using our predictive algorithm to pick the single best trade from the bunch.

Our approach can best be compared to a metal detector that’s been not only calibrated to ignore the nickels, dimes, and quarters but also fine-tuned to sound a blaring RED ALERT only when detecting the gold.

This is how we’re able to trade fewer positions for bigger gains and the secret to our success. The results have left our readers smiling all the way to the bank:

Cabot Options Trader Returns
Recommendation Option Days Open Total Return
Cisco SystemsCSCO Mar 23 Put7190.15%
Pride InternationalPDE Oct 22.50 Call16131.43%
Financial Select SectorXLF Mar 17.5 Put13128.57%
AlteraALTR Apr 40 Call18126.15%
Newfield ExplorationNFX Jun 75 Put20118.94%
Barrick GoldABX Oct 52.50 Put10116.38%
Lam ResearchLRCX Mar 45 Put26108.25%
Alpha Natural ResourcesANR Oct 34 Put20103.59%
Arcelor MittalMT Jul 33 Put4102.50%
GoldcorpGG Jan 37 Call8100.00%
Energy Select SectorXLE Jan 70 Call4100.00%
MolycorpMCP Feb 10 Call2195.00%
Freeport McMoRanFCX Aug 36 Call393.75%
MolycorpMCP Jan 11 Call2293.55%
MolycorpMCP Feb 8 Call993.33%
United States OilUSO Oct 34.5 Call392.00%
Arcelor MittaMT Dec 36 Put2090.59%
IAMGOLDIAG Dec 23 Put1388.75%
Energy Select Sector SPDRXLE Sep 57 Put1588.63%
Maxim Integrated ProductsMXIM Feb 22.50 Call1587.93%
Eldorado GoldEGO April 17 Put1882.32%
Linear TechnologyLLTC Dec 30 Call2181.74%
Material Select Sector SPDRXLB Jul 37 Call2676.16%
Financial Select SectorXLF Mar 17.5 Put871.43%
iShares Silver TrustSLV Dec 27.5 Call446.34%

Just like Cabot Market Letter, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, and our other wealth-building advisories, we do it all for you without you having to do any kind of chart reading or calculations. Our turnkey trading instructions will tell you what to buy, what to pay, and which new trades to roll your profits into.

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That’s Why Cabot Options Trader Could Be
Your Ticket to a Small Fortune Too

Without requiring a billion-dollar bankroll either.

That’s because stock options give you leverage at an incredible discount. So instead of buying 100 shares of a $50 stock, you can control hundreds of shares of the same stock for $5. That’s why a 10% move in the underlying stock can hand you 10 times the profits—or more—and on both the up and the down sides.

This is how we not only banked a 126% gain in our Altera CALL option when the stock rose 8% but also banked a 190% gain in our Cisco PUT option when the stock dropped 19% in seven days.

The same can be said for ALL our options trades—leveraging small moves in the underlying stocks for huge gains—all in an average of 20 days on both the UP and the DOWN sides.

All without YOUR having to bet the farm, sit glued to your computer for hours, or have to wait years to collect your money.

Here’s What You’ll Love Most

Our trading service has been geared specifically for our Cabot readers like you who want to add the wealth-building power of options to their overall investment strategy using the same kind of computer-generated tactical trading system that produces billions in profits for Wall Street insiders specifically designed for the individual investor.

Because our system is more selective than most, we don’t have to be maniacal day traders. We send you the easy-to-execute buy and sell instructions ONLY when our computerized tactical trading system issues a trade.

When I say easy to execute, I mean it.

With our system crunching numbers in the background, you get simple buy and sell put and call options trades that we have found can give you an 80% chance—or better—of delivering a huge pop in 20 days.

That’s how we’ve been able to trade fewer positions for profits bigger than most other trading advisories I know of deliver. That’s also what both novice and semipro traders love most about our system.

We don’t bring you hundreds of trades and make you choose. We simply bring you the most profitable ones, with an 80% chance of doubling in 20 days, as generated by our time-proven system.

Best of all:

You can make all our trades with three clicks of your mouse, just as you do when you buy and sell stocks the Cabot way: one to buy, one to sell, and one to roll your profits into a new trade.

That’s why, if you can put the moneymaking power of our tactical trading system to work for you, you’ll be able to leverage small stock moves into huge profits too.

You’ll buy low-priced options right at the tipping point of a breakout and sell for big gains too. And if you can roll those profits into our next trades, you’ll leverage yourself to even greater wealth—even if you’ve never traded options before.

As you’ll see, nothing is easier or more profitable.

Our Readers Would Agree!

That’s because our turnkey trading system will tell you which options to buy, when to sell them, and which new trades to roll your profits into.

“I bought PDE at $1.50 on the $22.50 call! It's already back up to $2.40. Thanks for a great first trade!”

“Awesome call on CLF!!! Thank you!!”

“I sold the NVLS today at $2.50 for a small profit ($250) and have a sell order in for $3.00 for the PDE position. If executed, this will give me another modest profit of $500.”

“Nice trade. Keep them coming!”

“Perfect addition to your other services. Nothing is easier or more profitable.”

I’m hoping once you try it, you’ll feel the same.

I’ve made it incredibly easy for you to do just that. In a moment, I will explain how you can test-drive Cabot Options Trader FREE for the next 60 days.

Why Now Is a Great Time to
Trade Options With Us

With interest rates at rock-bottom lows, housing rebounding, and the China uncertainty continuing to threaten the markets, you have the opportunity to earn five years of profits every 20 days, as stocks move up and down with increased volume and volatility.

That’s when our system delivers its biggest winners—when volatility and volume are the highest.

This is how we banked …

Our tactical trading technology not only identified each one of these stock moves right at the tipping point but also selected the best options play that would maximize our profits, as it has with all our trades.

From the action we’re seeing in the charts and in the options pits, we’re expecting to see similar volume and volatility hit the markets as next week’s economic reports add to the market’s uncertainty and both volatility and volume spike, as billions of dollars flow both in and out of the market like a tsunami.

That’s why we’re expecting similar gains on both the up and the down sides.

And while the proprietary nature of our trading signal prevents me from naming our newest PUT and CALL trades here, I can tell you this:

They not only match the exact same profit profile that led us to 190% gains in Cisco Systems, 131% gains in Pride International, 126% gains in Altera, and 118% gains in Newfield Exploration but also give us an 80% chance of grabbing another triple-digit winner in the next 20 days.

Of course, you needn’t take my word.

You be the judge.

Check out the quick profits our tactical trading system can hand you. See how one of our tactical options trades can double in 20 days, and then decide if we’re for you.

I’ve made it easy for you to do just that.

Click Now to Get the Next 60 Days
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That way you’ll be able to track our trades and see for yourself how you, too, can add the wealth-building power of options to your personal investing arsenal.

You’ll get our complete buy instructions and target profit for each one of our options trades, along with our supporting data for each trade.

You’ll also get our economic overview for the week ahead, with the sectors we’re targeting for our next breakout.

All for the next 60 days without risking a dime.

I can make you this offer because once you get a taste for the explosive profits our tactical trades will bring you, I couldn’t pry your subscription from your hands if I tried.

With more than 135 double- and triple-digit winners under our belt in the past four years, I’m betting you’ll be with us for the next four years.

If I’m wrong, you get a prompt refund on your trial subscription. No questions asked. Either way, you get 60 days to test-drive Cabot Options Trader without risking a dime.

Here’s What You’ll Get FREE for the Next
60 Days for Simply Saying Yes Today:

You Don’t Pay If You Don’t Profit


In an industry where hundreds of investing advisories come and go yearly, I’m proud to say the Cabot organization has withstood the test of time, helping investors like you take advantage of the greatest profit opportunities in the market for more than 43 years.

The secret to our success is simple: We continue to offer our readers the most profitable and practical investment advice on the planet and at the most affordable price.

Advice based on solid scientific technical and fundamental data and proven results and not on the whims of prognosticators who have proven to be wrong more often than not.

That’s why a subscription to Cabot Options Trader comes complete with our CABOT money-back DOUBLE guarantee:

If our trades don’t deliver the kind of quick profits I’ve spelled out here, cancel and you’ll not only get a FULL REFUND during your 60-day trial but a FULL REFUND after that as well on a pro rata basis.

So there’s no way you can lose.

PLUS at Just $1.61 a Day You Can’t Beat the Price Either

Our subscribers are making money hand over fist on our tactical trades and are happily renewing their subscriptions at our regular annual price of $1,200.

After all, they’ve already doubled their money 19 times since 2010, are sitting on a basket of more than 50 double- and triple-digit winning trades, and are anxiously awaiting our next trades.

However, as a part of this special introductory offer, you won’t pay $1,200 for a year’s worth of winning trades.

If you join now, I will extend to you our best price ever—90 days for just $147—as a part of a special third-anniversary offer.

That comes to just $1.61 a day and is a steal of deal, considering our track record.

With my money-back guarantee, you won’t risk a penny of that, because you can cancel at any time and get your money back—no questions asked.

It’s an incredible win/win.

You get to test-drive Cabot Options Trader for 60 days, lock in our lowest price and can cancel at any time and get your money back.

We get to introduce you to our options trading service to show you how you, too, can make big profits with small stock moves by trading options the smart, safe Cabot way.

However, there is one catch to this special introductory offer.

Just as with the fast-moving tactical trades you’ll enjoy with Cabot Options Trader, you’ll need to strike quickly here, too, as this special offer ends promptly at midnight.

After that, your $1.61 a day introductory price will expire, the annual $1,200 price will apply and you may have to wait until next year to take advantage of this annual discount pricing.

So if you’re serious about adding the wealth-building power of options to your investment strategy, now IS the time to join us.

I guarantee you’ll never see a better deal or join at a better time, as interest rates remain low, the global economy remains troubled and volatility remains high.

Trust your impulse.

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Join us now and experience the quick profits my Cabot Options Trader service can bring you.

Again, with my money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Strategist

Timothy Lutts,
Chief Investment Strategist

P.S. Remember: This special $1.61-a-day offer expires at midnight! After that, the annual $1,200 price will apply. Don’t let this major profit opportunity pass you by.

See how our readers are leveraging small stock moves into big profits on both the up and the down sides.

Better yet, why not grab these quick gains for yourself?

Again, with my money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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