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I'm Timothy Lutts, and I'm so convinced that the market leaders you'll read about in Cabot Stock of the Month will help you double your money in the next 12 months, that if they don't, you won't pay a dime.

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You see, we don't just pull our monthly recommendations out of a hat. We start by taking a critical look at the entire investing landscape, paying particular attention to what kinds of stocks the market is rewarding now.

Then, drawing on the expertise of the editors of Cabot Market Letter, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report and Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, we pick the one stock that's most likely to perform well—given current market conditions—in the months ahead.

We call this system Spectrum Investing because it enables us to use the wisdom of all our editors, and it gives us the freedom to pick a stock from any of their publications. The end result gives us the very best stock on Wall Street each month.

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That's the beauty of Cabot Stock of the Month. It gives us the opportunity to choose the best stock across all sectors, using our proven spectrum system.

Just Look at My April Stock of the Month and You’ll See Why I Can Make You this Money Doubling Guarantee

Like, this company is also riding a wave of unstoppable growth.

But unlike Amazon that now dominates the online retail sector, this company is on track to dominate the red-hot oil shale exploration sector.

Here’s what makes this company such a take-it-to-the-bank winner:

  1. They’re one of the largest providers of hydraulic fracturing, cementing, nitrogen, and acid pressure pumping services to the oil fracking industry.
  2. What’s more, the company not only possesses the largest collection of land drilling rigs in the world, with more than 500 rigs in 25 countries, but also possesses one of the largest collections of offshore platforms as well.
  3. As if that weren’t exciting enough, the company now possesses a new proprietary high-tech drilling rig that can drill multiple wells in one area more quickly than any other company.

Do you realize what this means?

Because the company’s new drill rigs can drill multiple wells faster than anyone, the company has a superior production advantage over its closest competitors that could last for years.

So it’s no wonder the company’s earning rose 440% over the past year, why analysts are expecting 187% earnings growth for the next quarter, or why three top analysts have raised their earnings estimates for 2014 over the past 30 days.

And it’s all because this company’s advanced oil drilling fleet can not only out-produce its competitors in the numbers of rigs it possesses but technologically as well, heading into one of the greatest oil booms of our time.

So it’s no wonder why State Street Corporation and BlackRock Institutional Trust—along with 18 of the top institutional and mutual fund investors in the world—have, together, invested more than $2 billion worth of shares in this state-of-the-art oil driller.

And it’s all because they see the same two things we do here at Stock of the Month:

  1. A superior oil services firm that will significantly add to the bottom-line of every single company it serves, and
  2. Another game-changing that few investors have heard about and with the earnings growth to ultimately hand us another 1290% gain.

For these reasons, if you can grab this one before it declares earnings in May, you could grab its next 50% rise in the next 90 days and a double soon after that.

That’s a big claim I know, but now when you consider my previous Cabot Stock of the Month recommendations have not only included Wall Street’s biggest winners but also outperformed the indexes by five times.

Which is why grabbing another 100% gain for my readers is simply business as usual.

Frankly, this is why every one of our recommendations comes with our Double Your Money guarantee.

So should you decide to join us and any of our recommendations fails to bring you the results I've promised here, you can cancel and receive a complete refund-no questions asked—even right up to your last issue.

Should You Say “Yes,” Here's What You'll Find in Every Profit-Packed Issue

In each issue, you’ll get the facts and analysis behind the recommendation. You'll know why we selected this stock and the factors that convinced us it's the best profit opportunity for the current market conditions

So every week we'll send you an email update discussing our current recommendations. These email alerts will help you not only take advantage of fast-moving opportunities in the marketplace but also maximize your profits as market conditions change.

So should you decide to join us and any of our recommendations fail to bring you the results I've promised here, you can cancel and receive a complete refund—no questions asked—even right up to your last issue.

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Timothy Lutts


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