A timely message (and an incredible opportunity for a select number of our readers)
from Timothy Lutts, Publisher of Cabot Investing Advice:

Discover how our amazingly accurate strategy
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Dear Fellow Investor,

There’s a way you can be regularly clued in to great stocks with double your money potential over the next 4 to 18 months and beyond, and…

… you never have to wonder how your stocks are doing or if they’re protected while you’re at work, on vacation or spending time with the family or friends.

It’s based on a “proven” approach for making money that’s worked successfully for over 80 years and it was devised by a man that savvy investors often refer to today as:

The Father of Value Investing.

The man’s name was Benjamin Graham.

Though he may not be familiar to you, Graham became a prominent figure in the financial world just after The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929.

And fortunately, for you, me and anyone investing in equities today, it’s a good thing he did.

You see, before Benjamin Graham arrived on the scene, investing in stocks—virtually any stock—was (to put it mildly) a crap shoot.

Especially for average, go-it-alone investors.

Benjamin Graham was primarily responsible for changing all that.

While teaching at Columbia Business School, Graham devised a collection of ground-breaking concepts that took the guesswork out of selecting stocks.

His research focused on ways investors could look at companies and narrow the field down to only those stocks that offer REAL profit potential.

Graham recommended that individuals treat investing like a business. The way professionals do.

He advocated choosing stocks that offer the “compounding” benefits of regular dividend payouts.

But perhaps the most important of all his tenets—a classic really—spurs us to choose strong stocks that are priced LESS than their intrinsic value.

Graham correctly surmised that by simply holding onto those stocks for the long term, most if not all will rise up at some point to attain their true, HIGHER value.

It was a clear roadmap to…

Consistent, safer, BIGGER profits.

Finally, “the little guy or gal” had a chance to win in the stock market. Investing didn’t have to be a gamble. And any investor could put the odds of making money in his or her favor.

Here’s unequivocal proof his ideas still work to this day:

Benjamin Graham’s Value-Finding Strategy has been so consistently accurate, it’s generated a minimum 20% return EACH AND EVERY YEAR for over 80 years!

And throughout that entire time, those returns were delivered no matter if the market was up, down or it held completely flat.

That’s just not effective, it’s a downright “unfair advantage” for anyone using it!

To this day, Benjamin Graham is hailed as one of the greatest financial minds of all time. A “champion” to self-directed investors who choose to manage (or be involved in managing) their own portfolios.

That includes none other than…

Billionaire Warren Buffett.

Buffett often credits Benjamin Graham for equipping him with the essential fundamentals that led to his “now-legendary” wealth-making prowess.

Besides Buffett, there’s another stock pro who has been very successful with value stocks as a result of Graham’s influence.

Roy Ward

Allow me to introduce you to Roy Ward, our resident “Benjamin Graham Expert” here at Cabot Investing Advice.

With over 50 years in the trenches investing experience, Roy is a “master” of Benjamin Graham’s value investing principles. And his overall performance with stocks is…

Nothing short of remarkable!

Take, for example, Roy’s “ Value Model” stock portfolio.

Since its inception on December 31, 1995, Roy’s been so skilled at finding, buying, selling and holding onto the right stocks at just the right times, the portfolio has generated a total return of 1,079%.

Compare that to the total return of the popular Dow Jones Industrial Average of just 229% over that same timeframe.

The Cabot Value Model made
than the Dow!

That’s an incredible track record and testament to Roy Ward’s value first approach to investing. The same approach used by both Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

Plus keep in mind, Roy culls his choices from the thousands of available stocks that are listed on the major exchanges.

But there’s another very important point about Roy’s performance that’s really going to get you excited, and it’s this…

Just $10,000 invested in the Cabot Value Model since it was first introduced would have netted you $107,900 versus just $22,800 by investing in stocks listed on the Dow.

What does he attribute his success to?

Roy explains it in his own words…

“It’s simple really. First and foremost, I apply the teachings and methods of Benjamin Graham. I’m a big believer in his work and in his methods for stock selection.

Every week, I scour the market for what I think are ‘UNDER-valued’ stocks.

If a company looks good, I take a very rigorous fundamental approach to looking at it more closely to find any “chinks in the armor.”

I closely analyze its balance sheet to be sure it’s strong. I then try to determine what its stock is really worth rather than where it’s now selling. In other words, its intrinsic value.

I look at the financial history of the company. Its management. At what its stock might do. That means going beyond just Price/Earnings and delving deeply into its Price/Sales, Price/Cash Flow, Price/Book Value and Dividend Yield numbers.

Then I decide where the stock’s price should be compared to where it’s selling now.

That and more tells me whether the stock truly has value. And whether I want to add it to my portfolio.”

Roy’s approach as taught by Benjamin Graham (the same approach that Warren Buffett uses today to invest) can also benefit you starting today. We believe that it can help you, like so many others, build tremendous wealth. And you can do it without having to spend days upon days learning Graham’s methods.

Take a look at just some of the winners
Roy Ward has latched onto just in the last 12 months…

Benjamin Graham winners

Roy continuously tracks and updates his portfolio all week, every week. The reason he spends all that time researching is because any stock he selects has got to be as close to a “sure thing” money maker as there possibly is! Plus there are a lot of factors and catalysts that could alter his positions at any given point in time.

Some of those factors and catalysts include a drastic upswing or downturn in the broad market… a CEO or some other high level executive deciding to retire or is replaced… breaking opportunities or unforeseen events that could push up or pull down a stock… or hundreds of other possible scenarios that can occur any day, any time of the day.

Being on top of it all—domestic and world events, the economy, the market and thousands of stocks—and then acting quickly on it all—is how Roy produces the kinds of returns that would put a smile on Benjamin Graham’s face and on Warren Buffett’s, too.

In a moment, you’ll have the chance to take a full 60-day, risk-free “sneak peek” at every one of the stocks that Roy currently lists in that portfolio. There are now over a dozen.

You’ll also get to look at his more aggressive “Cabot Enterprising Model” portfolio. It’s designed for investors who prefer the pace and excitement that comes with seeking higher returns, and who can accept the slightly higher risks that go along with it.

Whether it’s the Cabot Value Model or the Cabot Enterprising Model…or it’s finding and announcing an exciting new stock, Roy’s always keeping an eye on each one’s performance in order to keep risks in check.

In addition, you’ll be clued into new and exciting Value Stocks that are heating up and, more importantly, can light up your portfolio with DOUBLE YOUR MONEY potential in a relatively short period of time.

You’ll also become an expert on Graham’s time-tested Buy Low, Sell High Strategy.

All that plus both of Roy’s model portfolios are found in one place and one place alone…

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor” Advisory

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor is, quite simply, the one and only source you need if you own stocks, want to own stocks or want to be more successful when owning stocks that have great, high potential appreciation in their future value.

Here are some of the ways it gives you the edge…

You get unparalleled safety and performance with stocks. Roy carefully probes each stock that you’ll learn about with a fine toothed comb, so you don’t have to. And only the cream of the crop are recommended to you.

It’s a tried and true approach to stock selection. There’s no other advisory available on the market today that fully devotes itself to value investing and Benjamin Graham’s ideals as well, as successfully and as comprehensively as Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor.

Profit from a veteran stock researcher and editor with over 50 years of experience who is always on your side. I can personally assure you, no one works harder at finding high potential, BIG PROFIT value stocks than Roy Ward. And no one understands and can apply all the methods of Benjamin Graham better.

Know when to be aggressive and when to stay defensive. While Roy takes a long term view with his positions, the market or any stock can change quickly. And so should you. Stay prepared all of the time with Roy’s constant oversight, help and guidance.

Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor is in-depth. It’s much more comprehensive and better at filtering great stocks than other investor advisories. It gives you data and ratings on the top 275 value stocks, plus you learn which ones are best to own, not to own and what to do with each one during any given period.

Totally unbiased so you’re sure to get the ideas and recommendations that count. Roy writes for his readers, and only his readers. Not the companies offering the stocks. Not the major press. And certainly not anyone who may have an agenda that’s different from yours. And remember, when you join him that his service is published by Cabot Investing Advice, the leader in independent investor insights and information since 1970.

You receive access to 2 models – Cabot Value Model and Cabot Enterprising Model, weekly updates, Special Alerts, Roy's database of the top 275 value stocks, and more—all in 1 great service—and all delivered to fit your lifestyle. By email, online, mobile data or on the cloud, Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor keeps you informed and up to date on your stocks plus where the newest opportunities as well as the traps are.

Go beyond stocks into other great alternatives. Roy expands your world of opportunities with coverage of ETFs, bond investments and more.

A good indication of what all readers have to say about Roy and the service is this…

The strength of the letter is not only the stock selection, but Roy tells me when to buy and when to sell. That advice is priceless.” R. J. Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada

See for yourself why Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor is unlike any other advisory service you’ve ever seen before, plus how it can be “priceless” to you…

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By joining Roy as a Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor reader, you’ll uncover dozens of BUST-OUT- OF-THE-GATE value stocks ready to burst with profits during the next 12 to 24 months and beyond.

Every stock Roy features is a true, bona-fide potential winner poised to reel to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY … just like those you already saw above.

Regular dividend payouts on these stocks abound too, which compounds your ability to make money, and which also follow the rules of Benjamin Graham for successful investing.

You’ll discover opportunities in brand-name stocks like Prudential. And you’ll learn about stocks that don’t grab a lot of attention from the press, from other analysts or from the vast majority of investors.

Stocks like the technology company that Roy has been touting recently, and that's set not just to break out in a BIG way, but continue climbing in value for the next several months until 2016 rolls around.

The company is fast becoming a major player in the cloud solutions and software activation space. An exciting new acquisition will cause analysts to boost sales and earnings forecasts substantially.

Though still a relatively unknown, unappreciated and UNDER-valued player, it's snatching up significant market share – already reeling in 30 of the world's largest mobile and telecom service providers as clients, including Verizon, Comcast, Cablevision, Vodafone and Time Warner Cable. The company is also growing its product/service line and expanding into new markets, both here in the U.S. and around the world.

Though Roy has been recommending this company for only the past few months, he believes it's still got lots of UPSIDE potential considering its strong financials and fast-expanding opportunities

Roy wants you to know about many more stocks—and to deliver all those on a silver platter to you—in the Cabot Value Model, and Cabot Enterprising Model, the weekly updates, in the top 275 value stock database and in all the past models you’ll have access to and more.

You’ll also find out about…

The high potential DOUBLE and TRIPLE-DIGIT Gainers
Roy has steered readers to in just the past year.

Roy Ward is giving you the blueprint on how to build real wealth using the strategy, tools and methods that were first outlined by Benjamin Graham.

It’s with stocks like these that you can truly now reach your financial goals and do the things that MORE money allows you to do…

$10,000 Invested Would Have Netted You:

Benjamin Graham winners

Are you ready yet to start profiting from all the ideas, insights, experience and investing opportunities Roy Ward and Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor will deliver?

Then simply…

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When you sign up for Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor for just one full year, you’ll likely get more than you ever imagined, and certainly more than any other advisory. Roy wants you to have THE WORKS!

This is only part of what you’ll receive:

Benefit #1: 12 profit-making, wealth-saving months of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor, with the latest recommendations and updates on stocks listed in both the Cabot Value Model and Cabot Enterprising Model portfolios.

Benefit #2: Clear, specific Buy/Sell/Hold instructions, including what, when and at what price points. There are even Flash Alerts by email that help you lock in your profits.

Benefit #3: A complete database of Roy’s TOP 275 Value Stocks with vital data showing exactly where every stock is, where he predicts it will be and what you need to do—NOW and in the coming months.

Benefit #4: 50 years worth of financial and market experience by the man who, alongside Warren Buffett, is considered among the most successful and adept investors ever to wield the Benjamin Graham principles of Value Investing.

Benefit #5: Roy’s personal analysis and profit-making, risk adverse recommendations of Canadian Stocks, high-yielding stocks, ETFs, REITs and other investments.

Benefit #6: Answers via email from Roy, himself, to any question you may have about your investments.

Benefit #7: Unbiased, totally independent recommendations. Since we began offering investment analysis in 1970, we at Cabot strictly refuse to accept any compensation for any stock we recommend. You’re guaranteed to get 100% unbiased direction.

So go ahead. Take the step if you think Value Investing is right for you and if you think that you could benefit by having one of the world’s foremost experts on Benjamin Graham’s strategy working for you.

Thousands of readers believe in Roy Ward and his ability to sharpen their focus on big profit opportunities.

Take B. Van Wert of Jacksonville, Florida, who had this to say:

“Roy, I want to sincerely thank you for your advice. I have had very good success following your system and investing in your recommended stocks. I place very high value on what you say and your insights into portfolio size and taking profits are just what I need to make me a better investor. Your advice also puts me at ease when the market is going crazy. Keep doing what you do. Thank you.”

I think you’ll agree, Roy will do everything he can to lead you to many, MANY great opportunities. He will help you avoid money-sapping traps and potential downturns. Roy will ease your mind when the market is going mad. And he’ll provide the tutelage you need to succeed in what can be a very lucrative style of investing.

That’s not all.

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On different occasions throughout the year, Roy will prepare and email you a variety of Special Reports that are of a particularly timely nature or that can enhance your value investing skills in some way.

Some of these are spurred by investor questions and requests. So don’t hesitate to contact Roy if you’ve got an idea.

By joining us now, these and other Special Reports are yours to keep and to boost the value and enjoyment of your Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor :

FREE Bonus #1: Benjamin Graham’s Complete Guide to Value Investing (Value: $25). Make the most from your Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor subscription. This handy primer brings you quickly up to speed on the value investing strategy, tools and methods devised by Benjamin Graham, and that are used today by highly successful investors like Roy Ward and Warren Buffett. Being proficient at the basics is critical in all new endeavors you undertake in life, but even more so when it can enhance your ability to make money. This guide supplies it all in clear, easy to follow form.

FREE Bonus #2: How I calculate value ratings, maximum buy prices and minimum sell prices (a $25 value) – Knowing what to buy and sell is just as important as when. Roy Ward makes it simple for you with value stocks. Every issue of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor rates Roy's top value stocks with exact buy and sell prices, plus you get Special Bulletins to tell you when to make your moves. This Special Report explains the approach behind Roy's strategies and methods for making money with value stocks.

FREE Bonus #3: Success Stories from Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor (a $25 value) – Truly there have been hundreds if not thousands of them! In this Special Report, you’ll read the stories behind one value stock that shot up 39% just after Roy had announced it as a BUY to readers, but then plummeted 40% just after he told them to SELL... another that skyrocketed 169.2% after he gave a BUY, and then quickly dropped 94.5% soon after he issued a SELL… plus more. Practice makes perfect. And it’s important to learn the lessons from the past so that your investing can be both perfect and on track.

FREE Bonus #4: 6 Top Value Technology Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now (a $25 value) – Want it simpler than simple? You've got it! With this Special Report, you'll get detailed information on 6 of the finest, strongest value stocks for today...and for the next several months. Each stock revealed to you is a true, bona fide, high potential winner with a long and verifiable track record of success, rock solid financials, products and services its customers crave for, and a clear path to future impressive growth. Best of all, all 6 of these stocks are well-known names you can feel completely comfortable investing in. No matter if it's owning one or all five stocks at a time, each and every one of them is a TOP recommendation of Roy Ward's now, although his list can be updated at any time.

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If there’s any possible reason why Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor isn’t living up to your expectations—ANY reason—simply notify us here at Cabot Investing Advice within 60 days of starting.

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Yours for great Value Investing opportunities,

Timothy Lutts

Timothy Lutts, Publisher
Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor

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