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Fact is, we would have never made 1,290% in Amazon, 1,075% in American Power, or 746% in Apple trading in and out of these or our other stocks.

If you can simply follow our time-proven, momentum-based Optimo stock-picking methodology that identifies Wall Street’s most profitable stocks before they take off, and you can hold them for the long term, you can join the growing ranks of our retirement millionaires too.

This is how we not only doubled our readers' money 29 times since 1970 but also received accolades from both The Hulbert Financial Digest and MarketWatch’s Peter Brimlow for making investors rich over the long term—all by buying quality stocks at the tipping point of a breakout and continuing to own them as sales and earnings rose over the years.

That’s really the challenge most investors face today.

Buying and holding on to a good stock that can bounce up and down over the short term while ultimately rise over the long term.

This is why 99 out of 100 investors didn’t make 1,290% in Amazon, 1,075% in American Power, or 746% in Apple, because they never held for the long term, as we did, directly in the face of inflation, recession, and wild market swings.

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This is why we are the only—I repeat, only—investment advisory that has not only been published consistently for more than four decades but also has doubled investors’ money 29 times along the way.

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