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My name is Nancy Zambell and I am the editor of Dividend Digest. Every month, my team and I scour over 200 of the top investment advisories, looking for income-producing investments that have the greatest potential. We send you a well-researched, high-potential recommendation every weekday, before the market opens.

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These are the very best opportunities for you to add income-producing investments to your portfolio. And they come from the best and the brightest that Wall Street has to offer.

Why Choose Investments that Pay Dividends?

In today’s market of advanced technology, high-frequency trading and hedge funds, stalwart dividend investments sometimes get overlooked. But there are plenty of good reasons to choose income-producing investments for your portfolio.

The current bull market is five years old. It’s still going, but history tells us that it has to end sometime. When it does, you’ll be ready if your portfolio includes dividend investments. These positions do well in bull markets, but they really shine when the bears take over. From 2000 to 2003, a particularly rough period for the market, dividend-paying stocks in the S&P 500 gained 10.4%, while the non-dividend payers lost 33.1%.

With dividend-paying investments, you have the flexibility to re-invest your dividends or take them in cash. Reinvesting means you’ll power up your portfolio by using both appreciation and compounding. Taking dividends in cash means you’ll have extra money to spend. The choice is yours. Plus, dividends currently enjoy favorable tax treatment in most cases.

These Are the Best of the Best Income Investments

Here at Dividend Digest, we review all the top dividend investments, as recommended by leading advisors. We apply our own criteria, and weed out those investments that may be favored by one advisor and panned by another. We bring you only the ones that show the most promise, and give you the best opportunities to boost your portfolio and secure your financial future.

And these are not your grandfather’s stocks and bonds. Dividend Digest includes recommendations for some of the most exciting opportunities available to individual investors. We feature real estate investment trusts, master limited partnerships, business development companies, equity-linked securities, and more.

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