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This is a strictly limited opportunity for serious investors who want to take advantage of a powerful system that creates hedge fund-like profits without requiring massive buy-ins and ridiculous management fees.

If you’re the kind of a serious investor I’m looking for, please read on…

It’s no surprise that a few, very well connected, knowledgeable Wall Street insiders make billions of dollars trading while those outside the club are left to flounder with lackluster returns or, worse yet, watch their hard-earned money getting ground up and spit out by the market … evaporating their wealth because they don’t know what the big boys know.

There’s a reason why just a handfull of top traders make all the money on Wall Street … because the cards are stacked against you—the regular, retail investor.

However, now there’s a way you can easily get the same type of returns the insiders get…

Returns like:

And the list goes on and on.

For 44 years, Cabot trading strategies have helped our readers profit in good times and bad, in bull markets and bear markets. The results?

Dozens of money-doubling trades, which have made many of our subscribers rich.

And yet, I can say with authority, nothing we have ever offered in our 44-year history gives our readers the same kind of profit potential as Project Algorithm!

Project Algorithm allows you to take advantage of the above positions without any fear, any second guessing, and without the normal prejudices and preconceived notions that annihilate trading profits.

Like a hot knife through butter, Project Algorithm cuts through all the hype and delivers monumental profits over and over again.

Sure, I know you’ve been told returns like these are impossible, fool's gold. I understand the financial planner down at the local office of some national brokerage talked to you about dollar cost averaging and slowly growing wealth over decades.

Who do you think knows more about money, Phil the financial planner that you met when he came to your place of employment to sell a retirement plan to you and your co-workers, or Jim Simons, the self-made billionaire hedge fund investor?

Using a similar strategy to Mr Simons, Project Algorithm has produced profits like:

And these are real returns on real recommendations…not back-test nonsense you’ll see other publishers bragging about.

Unfortunately, you’ve already missed out on these positions. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out, ever again!

In this brief letter, I’m going to explain how you, too, can use Project Algorithm to enjoy massive gains usually reserved for Wall Street “Insiders.”

Of course, not every trade works out like these, otherwise everyone would move to the Bahamas next month … however, because of the way we trade, even when the market goes against us we have a very limited downside, and virtually unlimited upside!

And despite your natural skepticism, I can assure you that while the above returns are exceptional, they aren’t unusual…and our readers experience 15%, 20%, 35% returns in just a few days, multiple times in an average month!

On top of that, you’ll only spend 10-15 minutes a day on your Project Algorithm investments.

Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Timothy Lutts, President of Cabot.

For 44 years, we’ve shown regular people how to make phenomenal returns in all markets.

Nothing we’ve ever brought to you, however, is as powerful as Project Algorithm, which will make it possible for you, the average investor, to reap hedge fund-type profits, while still maintaining a level of risk that allows you to sleep well at night.

The 3-Steps of Project Algorithm

Just a few minutes ago, I mentioned Jim Simons. Jim founded Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund that uses computer modeling to find and exploit trading opportunities.

The Wall Street Journal reported in January of this year, “… computer-driven hedge funds that rely on algorithms to make investment decisions … posted one of the best returns of any hedge-fund strategy last year. [January 16, 2015]

The interesting thing about Jim Simons is, he was a college professor of mathematics when he entered the investment arena. Now he’s worth approximately $12,500,000,000.00 ($12.5 Billion). Jim is, many believe, the king of the Quants.

Quants are a new breed of hedge fund managers who use complicated sets of mathematical instructions, given to a computer, to execute investment opportunities.

These computer programs are highly valued and closely guarded. They’re well beyond the reach of most investors.

We Decided it Was Time to Level the Playing Field!

It’s cost us $500,000, and we’ve invested 16 months and 10,000 man-hours, to “crack the code” on these computer trading models and now we’re giving it to you!

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about high speed trading, I’m talking about computers that analyze market data and find certain, specific trades which are then screened and executed.

These proprietary set of instructions, or algorithms, are NOT available to anyone outside of the hedge fund that’s using them.

Yes, computer trading is the wave of the future, and here’s why.

First, computers are fast! We can monitor every trade taking place on an exchange, in real time. You couldn’t do that with 10,000 analysts working every minute the trading floor is open.

Second, there’s no emotion. Computers don’t pass over a possible trade because they’re tired or don’t like a CEO or because they’re irritated about what their wife said to them last night. There’s no soul, no emotion, no hang-ups, no prejudices … there’s just hard cold numbers, which can turn into profits for you.

Third, computers are relentless. They don’t get tired, they don’t get bored, they don’t stop for lunch. They just crank away looking for the data we tell them to look for, then notify us when they have it.

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the point. Computers allow us to analyze possible profit opportunities faster, cheaper and more reliably than humans ever could.

Step 1: Computer Analysis.

Cabot has always been on the cutting edge of new trading methods. It’s how we’ve helped so many of our readers get rich in the last 44 years.

When my father released the Optimo stock-picking strategy, it revolutionized the way in which stocks were selected and trades were made.

That dedication to bringing you the best, most cutting-edge methods to help you make massive profits is why we spent 16 months, 10,000 man-hours and $500,000 to design custom software that tracks the movement of the markets and the market makers.

In short, when any particular stock gives us a buy signal, we know it. We NEVER miss any opportunity to help you make money in the market.

For example, on December 30 last year, while most people were thinking about the new year, our algorithm found a signal, which we used to spin off a 22.73% profit in just 24 hours!

Or on November 21 when our algorithm caught a signal which ended up returning 28.21% in just 10 days!

And these are actual recommendations and their returns, not back-tested nonsense!

We scan millions of trades every day to find key trading indicators, then the transactions are flagged for review by our expert analyst, Jacob Mintz.

Jacob has spent his whole life working on trading floors. At 24 he was making hundred million dollar trades for the large trading firms who had complete confidence in him.

Jacob was at the helm of our expert staff that developed Project Algorithm.

For months, Jacob worked on the Project Algorithm software, sometimes starting at 4am and working well into the night, he fed data into the program, hour after hour, fine tuning and reassessing the results. His goal: to instantly zero in on ANY trade in ANY market that indicated a potential payload for us!

Ten thousand man-hours, half a million dollars, 16 months, and millions of data points … all invested in the Project Algorithm software so you can have a level playing field with market makers and hedge fund “wizards.”

Step 2: Expertise.

Once the possible trades are flagged, Jacob reviews them and decides if the recommendation should go to you.

He digs deep to see what’s going on with that stock and discover why one of our indicators was triggered.

Do the hedge funds know something we don’t? Do they have some inside information? Do they see something happening with the company others don’t know about?

He looks at the company’s numbers, he checks the technical data, he researches the news … in short he finds out WHY our algorithms flagged the stock.

And Jacob knows how to research and find these answers. Right out of college he went to work on the trading floor, mentored by two legends in the investment field.

While some of his friends from college were getting “real jobs” making $40K-50K a year, Jacob knew he needed to invest in his future.

He found a job as a clerk and started working with and being mentored by legendary traders.

This “apprenticeship” allowed him to gather real world knowledge and experience he knew he could turn into big money, quickly!

Over the course of a few years, Jacob refined his trading knowledge and skill. He quickly moved up the ranks, from clerk to full fledged trader, and by the time he was 24 years old, he was acting as a market maker and making trades worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

A few years after that, he was running a trading desk in Chicago and running a virtual desk virtually in San Francisco.

He went from making $20k a year to making upwards of $500,000 a year, and learned the “real ways” traders make millions of dollars on trades, over and over again.

Still today, some of his best friends are hedge fund managers, who he talks to all day, every day about the markets.

As I said a moment ago, he is a true wunderkind. He understands the markets better than most people twice his age, and better than anyone not involved trading professionally.

Because of Jacob’s expertise, you can profit from trades average investors don’t even know how to make. Not only does our computer analysis give Jacob information not realistically available to the average investors, but his knowledge of the markets allows him to recommend trades which likely wouldn’t even be on your radar.

In short, you get a peek behind the curtain to see what high-level professional investors do to make money day-in and day-out. This is the stuff your broker doesn’t even understand.

But the good news is, the instructions Jacob sends are so easy, you can just call your broker and read the instructions, or jump online and give it 3 clicks … and you’re done!

Jacob retired from the trading floor early, and now uses the exact same software he helped us develop to trade his own account. The trades he gives to our readers are the same trades he makes himself…so all our readers can be sure they’re getting the very best trades we can offer.

Step 3: Leverage.

OK, here’s where most readers get antsy.

“Leverage?!” they think, “Leveraged trades can wipe you out in one fell swoop! Go to bed a millionaire and wake up bankrupt! Didn’t you see what happened to the Forex traders when the Swiss depegged the Swiss Franc from the Euro? They went bankrupt … overnight!”

“No thank you … no leveraged trades for me!”

Of course, Cabot hasn’t been giving investment recommendations for the last 44 years because we make suggestions that could put our reader in the poorhouse.

Leverage is how we get the massive returns we’re able to post; however, the leverage we use doesn’t open you up to the kind of unlimited losses you read about. No one will be throwing themselves from skyscrapers because of margin calls following Project Algorithm.

No margins, no borrowing, no loans at all!

We use options to leverage our trades. Options are wonderful because, when used correctly, they limit your downside but allow for huge upsides.

They also allow our readers to use small amounts of money to control and profit from moves in the underlying stock.

If you buy a call option, the most you can lose is the money you spent on the option. At the same time, you have unlimited upside.

For example, Project Algorithm signaled a buy on May 29 and a sell on June 5. If you had bought the underlying stock, the SPDR Financial Sector ETF, you would’ve lost 2.86% of your money.

However, using Project Algorithm our readers found a 73.58% return … in just 6 days!

Or on May 14 Project Algorithm showed Jacob an opportunity to profit from Applied Materials (AMAT). Regular stock buyers made a trifling 6.17% profit over the next 5 days.

Our readers, using Project Algorithm, however, bagged gains of 37.76%!

I can get into Jacob’s track record and show these kinds of trades over and over again. That’s because we use very little money to control large chunks of an underlying stock. That’s why our loses are limited and our gains, powerful!

The Question Remains: Why are Options Considered
High Risk When they Offer Limited Downside and
Virtually Unlimited Upside?

The answer is because too many people don’t understand options and so make mistakes in trading them.

Just like in any other investment, using an investment vehicle you don’t understand is dangerous … and options can be VERY complicated. As a result, most people don’t understand them and end up making gargantuan mistakes.

That’s why Step 2: Expertise is so incredibly important to Project Algorithm.

Because Jacob so thoroughly knows the options market, having directed millions of dollars in trades, we are able to approach the options market with a clear and powerful understanding of how to make money for you, our valued reader.

And readers who took advantage of our offer last time made bagged gains like:

And all these trades were simple Put and Call options … 3 clicks and you’re done!

And here’s the best part. Once our computer has flagged a stock and Jacob has researched the trade thoroughly, he sends specific, exacting instructions about how to take advantage of the trade.

You’ll have everything you need to know to call your broker, or log on to the computer and make the trade with a simple click of the mouse.

We make it so easy even a child could do it, literally!

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated an investor you are or are not, the depth of your knowledge about options, or how long you’ve been trading … Jacob does all the work for you, and gets you returns that make you look like the next Warren Buffett to your family and friends … should you care to share your results with them.

And his expertise allows him to recommend the easiest, most profitable trades at any given time.

Remember, Jacob has spent his entire professional life working on options trading, and handled-hundred-million dollar individual options trades, billions of dollars in trades all together.

When he worked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, he started at 5:30am every morning and worked until 3pm, then spent another hour or so each day talking about options, the positions they worked on that day, etc.

He literally spent years talking, studying and learning options, on the trading floor and in private conference with some of the most successful options traders of all time…10 to 12 hours a day.

He is something of a savant when it comes to understanding how options work and how to profit from them.

We use options to leverage because that’s what the hedge fund managers do.

We use options because we want to deliver hedge fund returns to you.

We use options because it allows us to routinely deliver returns like this:

Options, when they are understood like Jacob understands them, are some of the most exciting trading vehicles you can find. They allow you to control, and profit from, large chunks of stock with very little cash. That means instead of making 2% or 3% or 5% on a stock move, you can earn, 20%, 30%, 50%, even 100% or more, in a matter of days, not years!

Of course, that doesn’t mean every trade is a winner, but the winners more than make up for a few losers, because the downside is controlled while the upside can be unlimited!

During his first 12 months, Jacob spent with us, he crushed the S&P by almost 2-1, delivering his readers 38.9% overall returns, turning every $40,000 stake into $55,566 … and that’s including winners and losers!

And that’s while we were still experimenting!

I’ve not seen another trading method that can deliver these kinds of unbelievable returns no matter what the market is doing.

For example, one of the indicators we track is order flow. Basically, we can see the volume of trades on any particular option. When our algorithm detects a sudden spike in an order flow of options on a particular stock, our system notifies Jacob.

Often a spike in orders indicates that a hedge fund or market maker knows something about the underlying stock.

For example, on August 26 of last year, Project Algorithm indicated an increase in order flows for Dow Chemical (DOW). Jacob reviewed the stock and the spike in orders and decided it was a legitimate chance to make an incredible profit.

We followed large institutions into this trade and profited a whopping 25.93% in just 8 days!

Because we track the order flows of the most informed and successful people in the market, the market makers and hedge fund managers, we are able to follow them into trades.

After Project Algorithm has identified a daily “hit list,” Jacob thoroughly vets and eventually recommends selected trades to you.

This system allows you, our loyal readers, to take advantage of “hidden” trades with pinpoint accuracy so you can “piggy back” the best trades that hedge fund managers are making and profit right alongside them.

These guys are professionals; they don’t dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to a trade so they can lose money. They are in the know, and now you can benefit from their knowledge without paying the ridiculous fees they charge.

It’s like joining a hedge fund without having to dedicate millions of dollars to it.

You get all the upside and none of the downside!

This is, in My Opinion, the Most Exciting Trading Service Available Anywhere in the World!

It wasn’t easy to put all this together for you.

As I mentioned, it took 16 months, 10,000 man-hours, and $500,000 in programming and research costs to bring it to you.

Trying to perfect the software presented one challenge after another. We had to:

In short, everything had to come together perfectly.

I know the trust you place in us here at Cabot, and I wasn’t about to violate that trust by giving you recommendations from a system that wasn’t working perfectly!

When Jacob finally met with the programmers and put his last few adjustments in place, we were all thrilled at the possibilities.

The programmers made the adjustments, and we turned the software on and it’s been a windfall ever since! Project Algorithm has delivered gains like:

We have developed the easiest system for regular traders, like you and me, to take advantage of the smartest, most profitable trades hedge funds and market makers were making.

Now We Can Follow Their Moves and Make Money Right Alongside of Them!

I know you’ve likely been disappointed in the past with services other advisors have promoted which claimed to deliver massive profits but only ended up losing you money. I get it, and it’s healthy you’re a bit skeptical.

I can assure you, this isn’t one of those services.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to bag returns like:

The good news is, you don’t have to miss out any longer! You can start making hedge fund-like returns in just minutes … and the best part is we take the guesswork out of options trading.

There are:

  1. No charts to read
  2. No hours of analysis to perform
  3. No complicated trades

We do all of that for you, using our proprietary Project Algorithm program to identify exciting profit opportunities, and our resident options wunderkind, Jacob Mintz, studies and decides which trades give you the best chance at success.

You’ll be able to enter and exit trades, at exactly the right time, with pin-point accuracy and no guesswork on your part.

And using Project Algorithm, you’ll get hedge fund-like returns while knowing your downside risk upfront, and with full knowledge that Jacob is watching it closely.

You’ll be able to make all the trades with a few clicks of the mouse, so easy you could do it in your sleep!

And just like Hedge Fund managers, you’ll leverage small moves of the underlying stocks into massive profits in your account, quickly and easily!

Unfortunately, We Can’t Let Everyone Into the Club

We make our money when people, like you, subscribe to get our research, and so we love building our subscriber base as large as possible.

However, because Jacob actually trades the positions he recommends, we have to make sure we aren’t giving the recommendations to so many people that they will move the market.

In other words, the Feds, rightfully, insist we don’t allow this to become a way for Jacob to make artificial profits by making recommendations and trading on the volume he creates.

It’s a reasonable precaution and something I would want to avoid, even if it weren’t illegal.

That means we either have to keep membership limited or stop Jacob from trading. I think Jacob trading alongside you is an important part of this service, so the only other choice is to limit membership.

And judging by how quickly we filled up our first membership drive, I suspect the chance to become a member will only be available for a VERY short time.

The good news is, now is the perfect time to get involved. January and February were some of the most volatile months we’ve seen in quite a while.

Options are most profitable in volatile markets. It doesn’t matter if the market is moving up or down or sideways … the important part is the volatility.

And if 2015 is half as volatile as it appears it might be…Katie Bar the Door!!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see trades that will double our readers’ investment account balances in 2015.

With this type of opportunity available I just can’t imagine we won’t fill up fast.

Act Now

You Can Start Using the Power
of Project Algorithm for just $147!

Because of the strictly limited enrollment numbers in this second membership drive, every person who joins means another person is locked out. As a result, I have to exclude this offering from our standard Cabot guarantee.

The truth is, considering the opportunity you have, the track record we can show, and the money and time we invested into developing this service for you, I don’t want Looky Loos…

I only want serious investors who want to take advantage of the profit potential we can offer.

This is not a newsletter filled with entertaining stories, etc. This is about making money and helping you understand the options market better. Jacob delivers a solid, ongoing education while he helps you reap the types of profits normally reserved for the hedge funds.

However, I also understand that you likely feel hesitant about making a commitment because less-than-ethical newsletter publishers in the past have misled you.

So, while I need to have a solid commitment from you, I am willing to shorten the time you have to commit and offer a very special introductory rate.

Think of it as a compromise.

I’ve created a quarterly membership plan. For just $147, I’ll open up all of the money-making research and expertise we have to offer for a full 3 months.

That means you’ll get access to the best options trading research available, PLUS:

At the end of the 3 months, you may cancel your membership or it will renew at our regular rate of $297.

I truly believe you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t take advantage of this service for an entire year, but that’s your decision to make.

If you want to settle for less than stellar returns, constantly allow yourself to be taken by the next “end of the world” promotion only to find the service you subscribe to loses your money month after month, and continue to live with the disappointing and slow returns you get from the local financial planner, don’t take advantage of my offer.

If, on the other hand, you want to get the same types of return billionaire hedge fund managers enjoy, if you believe billionaires like Jim Simons—and the other Quants—know how to make profitable trades, and…

If you want to know you’re making better returns than any of your friends, because you’re part of a small group of investors who use Project Algorithm to make colossal returns…

Click here and let’s get to making some real money.


Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Strategist

Timothy Lutts,
Chief Investment Strategist

P.S. I can say with conviction, Project Algorithm will be as revolutionary to options for the average investor as Optimo was when we released it back in 1970. This will change everything for the few traders who can take advantage of it.

Delivering returns like:

This will change lives. Don’t be locked out of this profit tidal wave! Once the 75th person becomes a member, the doors shut and you’ll be locked out!

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