Don’t Let the Selloff
Fool You!

Our Three Timing Indicators are
Flashing Buy, Buy, Buy!

“For these reasons, if you run to the sidelines now, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself for years as our top rated stocks jump another 50% in the next 60 days. My money-back guarantee promises just that”.

Dear Fellow Investor,

Please—whatever you do—don’t even think of cashing out of this market.

That’s the last thing you’ll want to do.

Yes, I understand how unnerving this market can be—rising and falling more than 300 points since the first of the year. I do understand the urge to do something.

But now is not the time to get caught up in the panic and do something foolish.

Mark my words.

If there is just one thing—and only one thing—you should be doing it's this: accepting the market’s gift discount and adding our top stocks to your holdings.

Do this and I guarantee you’ll find yourself 50% richer in the next 60 days…while everyone who cashes out will be mad at themselves for years.

Here’s why:

We are expecting a second quarter surge of epic proportions that will not only drive the Dow over 18,000 but also result in record earnings results from our top-rated stocks.

The reasons are compelling and clear:

  1. Auto sales are continuing to surge—up 30% over 2014, and 2015 looks to be even better.
  2. Home sales continue to swell as well, hitting their highest level in 18 months—all thanks to record-low mortgage rates combined with increasing consumer confidence.
  3. Which is why the Fed sees full U.S. employment by the year’s end.

It’s no wonder

Not only did the economy add another 252,000 jobs in December but also the surge brought the unemployment rate to 5.7%—the lowest since 2008.

Because the economy is growing so fast, many of America’s largest retailers are raising wages to keep their employees.

This is why Wal-Mart and TJX stores (the parent company of T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods) are raising wages for more than 500,000 workers—just as Gap increased workers’ salaries the year before.

And that’s not even the half of it!

  1. Technology spending hit record highs in February and is pointed to sustain “a run of above-trend growth over the next few quarters,” according to Consumer Electronics Association’s chief economist, Shawn Dubravac.
  2. What’s more, the business services sector continues to show no signs of slowing down, growing for the 60th consecutive month, according to the ISM monthly report.
  3. Throw in the facts that (1) U.S. exports hit a national record of $2.39 trillion and (2) export-related incomes were up 18% and you can begin to see that the economy is simply running on all eight cylinders.

With interest rates and oil prices at rock bottom levels…stock buy-backs and housing prices at their hottest paces in years, and inflation almost nonexistent, we see the situation continuing and not just for the next six months but for the next two to three years.

A quick look at Wall Street’s most recent earnings reports will confirm what I’m saying.

For example:

When you add to that the fact that not only did multibillion-dollar online retailer Amazon report 164% fourth quarter earnings but also analysts are expecting the company’s earnings growth to rocket 441% in 2016, one thing is clear:

What we are looking at here is a broad-based, long-term bull market that is headed in one and only one direction: Up.

You’re not going to want to miss this, as our top stocks are set to deliver another 50% to 100% gains in the next six months.

But please don’t purchase any of the stocks that I’ve named above.

I use them as examples only to show you where the market is headed and how broad-based the bull market will be.

As you’ll see here, our top 5 stocks are set to crush even those great returns.

In fact, as we see it...

The Market Could Easily Jump to 20,000 and Beyond!

How can it not be?

Here we have a 0% interest rate environment where the only—and I repeat—only game in town is stocks. We have housing rebounding, technology mushrooming, and companies hiring across all sectors.

Which is why $32 billion was poured into stocks in January and why we continue to see more money rushing into the market once the Johnny-come-latelies see that this new bull market is real, here, and NOW!

For these reasons...

If you don’t add to your positions NOW, I guarantee you will kick yourself this time next year as the dollar continues to drop, global sales take off, and corporate earnings increase in our A-rated stocks well into next year.

To be sure, the coming rise won’t be a straight line. There will be a number of 100-point selloffs in the next 60 to 90 days just as we have seen in the past.

But mark my words, those down days will be followed by even bigger rallies on the upside—pushing the DOW to 20,000 and beyond, with the biggest push we see coming later this year.

If our indicators are precisely on target this time, as they have been over and over again for 44 consecutive years, we’re looking at not only a spring rally of epic proportions but also a rise in the average indexes of 50% from top to bottom, as you’ll see explained in Cabot Market Letter.

However, as you’ll also see in the most recent issue (online now), we don’t invest in averages. We invest ONLY in the best-of-the-best growth stocks, A-rated winners that show huge upward momentum and promise far greater gains as scientifically proven by our proprietary methodology.

That’s why I can tell you with unmatched certainty that with the technical indications we are seeing now, you have the opportunity to grab another five years of profits by the year’s end, similar to the 440% rise we banked in Ascend Communications, the 559% profit in QUALCOMM, our 443% gain in Summit Technology, the 307% rise in Crocs, and our 415% gain in First Solar the last time all three of our Cabot market timing indicators hit the same threshold they’re at now.

50% Gains in 60 Days or
You Won’t Pay a Dime

That, my friend, is just how convinced I am that our top-rated stocks will double by this time next year.

My 44-year track record and 100% money-back DOUBLE GUARANTEE promise just that.

What Our Scientific Technical
Indicators Are Saying and ...
... How You Can Profit NOW!

As you’ll see in tonight’s Cabot Market Letter (posted online), our indicators are beginning to explode like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

In fact, we are seeing a lot of smart money moving directly into our stocks, as nearly all are on tap to deliver blowout earnings.

The results should hand us not only a 30% to 50% gain in the run-up to earnings but similar gains in the months ahead, as our time-proven indicators continue to show upward momentum for our top-rated stocks thanks to their breakout sales and earnings.

Judging by the activity we’re tracking, we could be looking at a few doubles this year. And I’m not just guessing, either.

Over the past 44 years, we have used the exact same scientific indicators to grab a 270% profit in Beechcraft, a 173% gain in WD-40, a 240% gain in MCI Communications, a 122% profit in Triangle Industries, and a 296% gain in TASER, just to name a few.

According to our charts and indicators, we see the same situation repeating itself RIGHT NOW in our trend-riding stocks, and the profits should come quick and fast, as they have before, in the next 60 to 90 days.

For example:

Our top tech play here has already handed investors 237% gains over the two years and is set to double, triple, and perhaps even quadruple these great gains in the months ahead.

The reason is simple: The company is the clear leader in infotainment (navigation, multimedia, connectivity) and branded audio products for automobiles.

Here’s why we’re so excited about this company’s prospects: It’s leading the push toward “smart cars,” integrated and automated with the latest infotainment products—products that call for help, connect you to the Internet, and bring you the best in surround sound.

This is why the company’s quarterly sales have jumped 19% while its earnings have zoomed 62%—all while registering four earnings surprises in a row. So it’s no wonder that seven top analysts have revised upward EPS expectations not only for 2015 but for 2016 as well.

And it’s all because experts now estimate that one in every five vehicles will have a wireless network connection, and this company should be the biggest beneficiary of that, thanks to best-in-class products and prudent acquisitions that have its product in over 20 million cars, including four out of five luxury vehicles.

This is why our research shows even more powerful momentum building for another 237% gain over the next two years.

As you’ll read in your FREE copy of The 5 Best Stocks for 2015 , our second favorite tech company could be just as profitable.

Just as our first pick is riding an unstoppable wave of growth in the auto infotainment sectors, so is this second recommendation—but in the BIG DATA sector.

If you’ve invested for some time, I know you’ve heard the term BIG DATA. But few people really know what it means.

Without getting too technical, what this company does better than everyone else (in my opinion) is help businesses of all sizes share and analyze a Mount Everest-sized mountain of data with a few clicks of a mouse. The result allows companies to better handle streamlining of their operations, adding to their bottom lines.

Which is why the company already has more than 26,000 customer accounts (we’re one of them) in over 100 countries, including 9,100 new accounts last year alone.

Which is why the company’s quarterly sales have exploded 75% while earnings have zoomed 84%—all while delivering three consecutive earnings surprises of 200% or more.

Our research also shows big profits ahead in the cybersecurity sector as well.

Make no mistake about it—America’s banks, military, military contractors, health care organizations, and infrastructure systems are under attack 24/7. Not only from foreign governments and terrorists in recent years, but also from criminals virtually everywhere in the world.

Sanaz Browarny, chief of intelligence and analysis for the control systems security program at the Department of Homeland Security, said the same thing at a security conference last year—months before the North Korean attack on Sony, before an international hacking ring stole $1 billion from 30 banks across the world, before one of Anthem’s health care systems was compromised, along with the health records of 80 million Americans, and before hackers stole the personal records of 233 million of eBay’s users.

So it’s no wonder that Gartner Research is forecasting that companies will spend more than $75 billion to secure their computers, networks, and systems in 2015.

As you’ll read in your FREE copy of The 5 Best Stocks for 2015 , our No. 1 recommendation in this sector with best-in-class technology will be the biggest profit-taker of all. That’s because it offers a complete solution that ties together and shields computers, mobile devices, and the network all in one, as opposed to most companies that offer hackable piecemeal solutions.

This is why the company has not only seen quarterly sales growth of 46%, 49%, 59%, and 50% during the past four quarters but also registered four earnings surprises in a row—handing investors 106% 12-month gains along the way. With cyberattacks on the rise, we see the company repeating these profits—thanks to its iron-clad security solutions.

Our charts also show that a number of niche biotech stocks will grab some huge gains in 2015—especially those whose cancer breakthroughs that are savings lives.

This is why our top company in this sector has seen sales of its myeloma drugs shoot through the roof—generating not only annual sales of $5 billion but also four earnings surprises in a row.

So it’s no wonder the company not only has grown quarterly earnings at an unheard-of 186% rate but also has handed investors 272% profits over the past two years.

But please don’t think you’re too late for the train on this one. Our data shows even more powerful momentum building for another 236% gain in 2015 all thanks to its newest breakthrough cancer treatments, as you’ll read in your free report The 5 Best Stocks for 2015 .

This little-known fashion retailer could hand you a decade’s worth of profits as well.

With consumer spending on the rise, it’s no wonder this company’s sales and earnings are shooting through the roof, up 20% and 30%, respectively, on a quarterly basis while handing investors 59% one-year gains.

However, this company is no one-year hit wonder. Over the past five years, this company’s stock price has risen 498%, not only crushing fashion retailer Michael Kors by 300% but also stomping Wall Street darling Apple by 200%!

Surprisingly, few investors know this company’s name, yet millions of Americans together spend more than $3 billion each year in its 696 stores as the U.S. leader in cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care products.

These numbers will only grow greater as the U.S. economy continues to recover, consumer spending increases and the company’s sales continue to skyrocket.

My advice: Grab it now before it breaks out on earnings and doubles investors’ money again.

If you join me now, I guarantee our profits can be your profits. My money-back guarantee promises just that.

Nothing Is Easier, Simpler, or More Profitable

We have the 44-year track record to prove it! How many talking heads at MSNBC, Fox, Forbes, or Bloomberg can say that?!

That’s the beauty of our time-tested, momentum-based technical system. It scientifically identifies for you the big breakout growth stocks before they take off.

And it automatically compounds your wealth by reinvesting your profits in new ground-floor opportunities, like these...

  • American Medical, +639%
  • Archer Daniels, +100%
  • Beech Aircraft, +270%
  • WD-40, +173%
  • MCI Communications, +240%
  • General Public Utilities, +151%
  • SafeCard, +206%
  • Triangle Industries, +112%
  •, +1,290%
  • American Power Conversion, +1,075%
  • Ascend Communications, +440%
  • Home Depot, +239%
  • XM Satellite Radio, +396%
  • And more.
  • JDS Uniphase, +387%
  • QUALCOMM, +559%
  • Summit Technology, +443%
  • Yahoo, +316%
  • Apple, +746%
  • Crocs, + 307%
  • eResearch, +257%
  • Expedia, +105%
  • First Solar, +415%
  • Net Ease, +200%
  • TASER, +296%

All without your having to do any kind of chart reading or calculations. We do it all for you through the pages of the Cabot Market Letter, including telling you what to buy, when to sell, and which stocks to roll your profits into.

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Mike Cintolo, growth stock and market timing expert

Michael Cintolo
Chief Analyst, Cabot Market Letter

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