This Is Your Private Invitation to Profit from the Next
Starbucks, the Next Amazon and the Next Yahoo

Welcome to the New and Improved
Cabot Growth Investor

Featuring a breakthrough discovery that’s been back-tested,
proven, and guaranteed to get you in on the ground floor
of Wall Street’s hottest IPOs after they go public

Here’s how it can hand you 10-bagger profits greater than
those we’ve handed our readers over the past 45 years

Fellow Investor,

This is an exciting moment in the 45-year history of the Cabot Market Letter, and I’m so pleased that you can be a part of this incredibly historic occasion.

When I say historic, I mean it.

You see, after 45 years we’re not only changing our name to Cabot Growth Investor but also expanding our coverage to include Wall Street’s hottest IPOs. IPOs that can hand you life-changing gains greater than those we’ve handed our readers over the past four decades.

That’s a big claim I know, especially when you consider that we’ve doubled our readers’ money 29 times in 45 years. But not when you consider the kinds of profits you can score when you get in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s hottest IPOs.

I speak, for example, of…

  • Starbucks; +13,410%
  • Whole Foods; +3,720%
  • Express Scripts; +42,387%
  • Cisco; +36,650%
  • Qualcomm; +9,288%
  • Staples; +2,082%
  • IAC Interactive; +1,193%
  • Yahoo; +3,453%
  • Amazon; +25,602%
  • eBay; +3,006%

I’m proud to say that our new annual IPO coverage has been tested and proven to get you in on the ground floor of the next Starbucks, the next Whole Foods, and the next Amazon before they become household names and make early investors rich.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you how we cracked the code on IPO investing … and why we believe our new coverage will make you richer quicker than our previous recommendations have in our 45-year history.

We’re calling our breakthrough IPO stock selection system “3G” for Great Stories, Great Numbers, and Great Charts. We think you’ll call it a dream come true as it—combined with our time-proven Optimo stock-picking approach—guarantees you’ll get in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs from this point forward.

If at the end of my presentation you agree, I’d like to extend to you a personal invitation to preview and profit from Cabot Growth Investor’s new annual IPO coverage. Should you accept my invitation, you’ll not only see how our system separates the wheat from the chaff but also be able to profit from our new picks for the next six months without your risking a dime.

Why This Breakthrough Is So Personal to Me and
Why It Represents the Future of Growth Investing

When my dad, Carlton Lutts, founded the Cabot Market Letter in 1970, he did so with one goal in mind: to provide individual investors the most profitable investment advice on the planet.

Over the past four decades, I’m proud to say that the momentum-based (Optimo) stock-picking system he created back then has doubled our readers’ money 29 times, steering them to small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and global growth stocks with market-beating results.

If you have been one of our longtime readers, I sincerely hope you have profited from our results because that was my dad’s goal from the beginning.

“Never forget,” he would say, “our readers are like family. Our No. 1 job will always be to stay ahead of the markets and to protect and grow our readers’ wealth.”

Frankly, this is why in a world where hundreds of investment advisories come and go each year, the Cabot name has stood the test of time for over four decades.

That’s because we have always taken seriously our responsibility to bring you the best research, analysis and recommendations on the planet because we know you will be investing your life’s savings in our recommendations and we don’t want to let you down.

The letters of thanks we have received over the years for doing just that have been quite humbling.

Thanks again for not letting me dive blindly into the hype of Facebook—Geesh!!! Appreciate your hard work!!” —Nick D., Waukesha, Wisconsin
Thank you for the umpteenth time for your guidance helping us stay the course. It has been a crazy few years, but your constant drumbeat of honesty and truthfulness pulled us through the shaky unpredictable period.” —A. Khorsandian, Daytona Beach, Florida
“After 42 years in the securities business, Cabot is the best I have ever seen—plus it’s made me a lot of money! Congratulations for being the best in the worst of times.” —Gerry, Longboat Key, Florida

That’s why our new IPO coverage is so personal to me—as it represents a bold new way to help our family of readers grow richer quicker.

This is also why I believe that our 3G IPO-targeting system will make the same kind of mark on IPO investing as our Optimo growth system did more than 45 years ago on large- and mid-cap stocks that continue to deliver market-beating results today.

What, Exactly, Makes Our New IPO Coverage
So Revolutionary to Growth Investing?

That’s a great question … and the prime reason we’ve spent the past two years, 10,000 man-hours, and more than $100,000 developing this system.

Why so long?

Because many IPO prices collapse after the initial excitement wears off, for the same reasons that many established companies’ stock prices collapse as well—lack of sales, lack of earnings and lack of growing market share.

What’s more, no one to our knowledge was willing to actually invest the time and effort to develop a system that could separate the winning IPOs from the losers after they went public—so we’d be breaking new ground.

As a result, I was challenged and determined to see if we could apply our time-proven system to IPOs with the same success.

After all, over the years we’ve applied our Optimo system to small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and global growth stocks with market-beating results. My gut told me we could be just as successful here.

That’s why I put our entire staff of analysts and researchers to work developing a system that could separate the winning IPOs from the losers after they go public—using our time-proven Optimo growth system in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

By using advanced computer technologies, we were able to reverse engineer the hidden wealth formula that made those previous winning IPOs hand investors life-changing wealth.

It wasn’t easy, mind you, because there are numerous variables to consider since every IPO offering is as different as the products they sell. Which is why we had countless setbacks in identifying a handful of IPOs that could become the next Amazon, the next Starbucks or the next Whole Foods.

However, that problem was finally solved on March 1, 2015, when our system passed our fifth and final test, proving beyond doubt that our IPO-targeting system could identify the next Yahoo, the next eBay and/or the next Qualcomm.

That’s why we believe our new annual IPO coverage will bring you the greatest investment opportunities in our 45-year history because we will now be able to bring you faster-growing smaller stocks earlier in their evolution.

You Will Be Amazed at the 10-Bagger Opportunities
Our New IPO Coverage Will Bring You

That’s because it has been back-tested and proven to get you in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs:

My colleagues who helped us beta test our new IPO system and confirmed our approach have been stunned not only by our methodology for choosing these IPOs but also by how they fit nicely into our time-proven, growth-focused approach.

From what I’ve seen so far, your 3G IPO methodology represents a breakthrough in identifying Wall Street’s biggest future growth stocks—light-years ahead of Wall Street.”—Paul Goodwin, Emerging Markets Specialist, Analyst and Editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report
Best system for generating options-like profits over the long term—and I’ve seen them all.”—Jacob Mintz, Analyst and Editor of Cabot Options Trader

Here’s How Our 3G System Targets the IPO Superstars
That Will Hand You Mind-Blowing Profits

As we discovered over the past two years, the secret to building incredible wealth in IPOs comes down to two things:

  1. Separating the winners from the losers when they go public, and
  2. Investing in them before the big money has been made.

That’s what our back-tested system does with near perfect accuracy—all thanks to the three G’s we found that were behind the most profitable IPOs in Wall Street history:

  1. Great Stories. By that I mean a revolutionary product/service serving a mass market that millions of people will buy and use—in other words, companies with disruptive technologies that change the way we work, live and invest.
  2. Great Numbers. By great numbers I mean triple-digit sales and earnings growth with huge profit margins.
  3. Great Charts. By that I mean a powerful chart that’s not only up trending but also outperforming the market, where institutions are accumulating stocks post-IPO as well.

As a result, our 3G Optimo-driven system automatically rejected 99 out of 100 IPOs because they failed to fit the exact 10-bagger money profile that the world’s most profitable IPOs possessed after they went public.

Frankly, this is why it has taken us two years and 10,000 man-hours to refine our system in order to identify those few and far between IPOs that could double your money, or more, year after year.

The results have made it possible for us to place the Cabot guarantee on our 3G system as it’s been 100% back-tested and proven to get you in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs.

That’s why today is such an important milestone in the history of the Cabot organization and why I’ve sent you this special notice, to announce:

  1. Our new annual coverage of Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs, and
  2. Our name change from Cabot Market Letter to Cabot Growth Investor.

This letter is your invitation to try our new and improved Cabot Growth Investor advisory and we hope you’ll seriously consider joining us.

I Guarantee You’ll Find Our IPO Coverage an
Exciting New Addition to Cabot Growth Investor

That’s because our annual IPO coverage offers you the most powerful one- two profit combination we’ve ever created in the history of the Cabot organization.

First and foremost, you get:

The same steady-Eddie small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and global growth stocks that we’ve invested in for the past 45 years that have doubled investors’ money 29 times, including big movers like these:

Now combined with:

Wall Street’s top-performing IPOs at the beginning of their greatest growth years that we are targeting for 10-bagger profits over the next three to five years.

That’s what our 3G IPO-targeting system has been back tested and proven to do—get you in on the next Express Scripts, the next Cisco, and the next Amazon before they turn $5,000 into $2,119,350, $782,500, or $1,280,100, respectively.

Our annual coverage, plus timely updates, is designed to do just that.

Wait Until You Get Your Hands
on Our First Ever IPO Report!

If you are already a member of our Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Cabot Top Ten Trader, Cabot Options Trader, Cabot Dividend Investor or other advisories, then you already know how we bring you institutional-quality research and how simple we make it to profit from our recommendations.

You’ll find our first annual IPO report to be the same institutional quality—only focused on the breakthrough profit opportunities you’ll find in Wall Street’s fast-moving IPOs.

The best way to describe it is to compare it to the economic forecasts done by Wharton, Heritage Foundation, or Gartner Research—only with unhedged specific buy, sell, and hold recommendations.

This year’s report features 10 new IPOs we are targeting for 10-bagger profits over the next three to five years—all of which have been scientifically selected and fully vetted by our 3G Optimo stock-selection system to match the same profit profile as Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs.

Of course, the only way you will believe what I’m saying is to see these changes—and profit from them—yourself.

For these reasons, I’ve made it possible for you to receive a FREE copy of our first ever annual IPO report, 10 Top IPOs for 10-Bagger Profits, along with a six-month no-risk trial Charter Membership to Cabot Growth Investor.

That way you can see firsthand how profitable it can be to invest in these exciting companies right at the beginning of their biggest growth moves AND before they become front-page news—without risking a dime.

Here’s a Quick Look at a Few of the Money-Doubling
Opportunities You’ll Find in Your FREE Copy of
10 Top IPOs for 10-Bagger Profits

Individually, each one controls a disruptive breakthrough technology and/or business model that will turn its industry upside down no differently than Amazon, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Express Scripts and other top IPOs have over the past decade.

Together, they will give you the opportunity to turn every $5,000 you invest now into $25,000, $35,000, $45,000, or more, or your money will be promptly refunded.

Until you receive your FREE report, here’s a mouthwatering look at a few of the newly minted IPOs we are targeting for 10-bagger profits.

In all, your free IPO report will introduce you to Wall Street’s 10 top IPOs—all of which are solid, well-run businesses with sound management and solid financials and are at the tipping point of their greatest growth years.

Mark my words…

If These Companies Are Just 1/10 as Profitable as the Next
Starbucks, You’re Looking at Turning $10,000 into $140,000

That’s why the insiders, institutional investors, and brokers are grabbing up all the shares they can while these companies go largely undiscovered and their prices are cheap.

How do you think billionaire investors like Warren Buffett and John Templeton got rich? By buying explosive up-and-coming companies for pennies on the dollar when few investors knew they existed.

That’s why we’ve spent the past two years developing a system to target these wealth-building opportunities so that we not only could make them a part of our new and improved Cabot Growth Investor but also back our selection with our lifetime money-back guarantee.

Here’s the best part:

Cabot’s 10 Top IPOs for 10-Bagger Profits is yours FREE for simply accepting a no-risk trial Charter Membership to Cabot Growth Investor. That way you can not only evaluate each one of these high-growth profit opportunities but also profit from them without your risking a dime.

In the bargain, you’ll also receive…

The Same Market-Beating Advantage That’s
Doubled Investors’ Money 29 Times in 45 Years

In a world where hundreds of financial investing advisories come and go yearly, Cabot has stood the test of time.

Not only delivering 45 years of profitable investing advice but also doubling our readers’ money 29 times along the way—all thanks to our time-proven technical system my dad created 45 years ago.

You’ll find nothing is easier, simpler or more profitable.

That’s the beauty of our time-proven, momentum-based technical system. It not only scientifically identifies for you the big breakout growth stocks before they take off…

…but then automatically compounds your wealth by reinvesting your profits in new ground-floor opportunities, like these…

As a result, Cabot has become one of the most respected, trusted, and profitable investment advisories in America as thousands of Americans trust us to help them safely, securely, and systematically build their wealth.

That’s why you can invest in every single recommendation with complete confidence that our recommendations represent the best, safest, and fastest-growing investments on Wall Street.

Of course, we can’t promise that every single one of our recommendations will hand you triple-digit profits. Nobody can.

But we can promise you this:

As a new reader, you’ll always receive the most in-depth investment research an independent investor could ask for: all presented to you in plain English so that you’ll know why we selected each stock—along with the risks and rewards associated with it, so that you can make the best-informed decisions with your money.

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to receive a free copy of 10 Top IPOs for 10-Bagger Profits along with your opportunity to test-drive Cabot Growth Investor for the next six months risk-free.

We’re hoping that you’ll find it to be as informative as have both market experts and our faithful readers, who write…

I have great respect for Cabot Market Letter, because it was, sequentially, bullish but anticipated the 2008 crash; the post-2008 rebound; and (reluctantly) the more recent stall.”—Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch
Cabot Market Letter is “one of just a handful of services whose market timing has beaten a buy-and-hold over the last 15 years on a risk-adjusted basis.”—The Hulbert Financial Digest
“Thanks so much for a great year of stock recommendations! If you only knew how much better you’ve made my life through your service. You’ll never know how grateful I am that I stumbled upon the Cabot Market Letter. I look forward to another stress-free investment year.”—J. Schnereger, Boise, Idaho
Yours is the best info and newsletter that I’ve read. It is short and to the point. Thank you. I’m an 80-year-old investor that still works every day and plays in the market. I love it. Up or down it’s never dull.”—E. Thomson, Shelby, Mississippi
Your picks have given us over 60% profits. It has been fantastic. We look forward to many more years of following your advice. Thanks again.”—T. Martin, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

If this is the kind of investment income advisory you’re looking for, then I invite you to take advantage of our six-month risk-free trial and let us know what you think.

Here’s the Best Part: You Won’t Risk a DIME
and Your Profits Are Always Guaranteed

When my dad started our advisory in 1970, he promised his readers that he would do everything within his power to make certain our clients would profit from our advice, or they would not pay a dime.

Over the past 45 years, we’ve kept to that commitment by offering an unheard-of 100% money-back DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

This means that if you’re not impressed and delighted with the profits you gain from my recommendations, just let me know and I’ll always send you a full 100% refund during your six-month risk-FREE trial and 100% of the balance of your Charter Membership anytime after that. We hold nothing back.

You may think that I’m sticking my neck out making a guarantee like this. I’m not really.

After all, the Cabot Market Letter is one of a handful of newsletters that have been published for over four decades. When you deliver what you promise, people stick with you.

PLUS You’ll Also Receive These Seven Exclusive
Charter Membership Benefits Instantly upon Joining

FREE BENEFIT No. 1: 45 Years of Cabot Investment Expertise

That expertise includes direct access to our time-proven Optimo growth stocks selection system, exclusive to Cabot Growth Investor, which you can use to not only target the market’s safest and fastest-growing stocks but also organize your holdings into a powerful wealth-producing portfolio. It’s the same system that’s doubled our readers’ money 29 times in 45 years and made many of our readers rich.

FREE BENEFIT No. 2: Bi-Monthly Advisory and Follow-Up Guidance

You’ll receive 26 bi-monthly issues of Cabot Growth Investor, delivered directly to your inbox every other Wednesday of each month. Each issue will bring you a panoramic overview of recent and upcoming events that will affect your money along with an analysis of how our recommendations will benefit from these events, plus our specific buy, hold, and sell advice and updates on our past recommendations.

FREE BENEFIT No. 3: Weekly Updates and Regular Portfolio Adjustments

As I regularly remind my Cabot Wealth Advisory readers, in order to beat the market, you must regularly adjust your holdings to make sure the stocks you own not only are in the fastest-rising sectors but also are leading those sectors through increasing sales and earnings.

That’s why in between issues we’ll send you weekly updates as well, as market conditions dictate immediate changes to your holdings.

FREE BENEFIT No. 4: Private Website

As a member, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our private website, featuring the most recent issue and alert, your FREE special reports and forecasts and an archive of our past issues and reports.

FREE BENEFIT No. 5. Personalized Customer Service

We know how important it is to make the right decisions with your money. That’s why we have brought aboard additional full-time customer service representatives committed solely to Cabot Growth Investor. Should you have any questions concerning our recommendations or portfolio adjustments, they will be here to take your calls every day the market is open.

Of course, just as with our other publications, you can always write me and get a written response within 48 hours. It’s all part of the special attention you will receive that comes with your Charter Membership.

FREE BENEFIT No. 6: Annual IPO Report and Investor Education Series

Here at Cabot Growth Investor, our goal isn’t just to bring you the most profitable stocks on the planet, but also to help make you one of the best-informed investors on the planet.

That’s why in addition to your annual IPO report and timely updates, you’ll also receive our ongoing investor education series that will help you make better and more-informed investing decisions.

When you join, you’ll receive these three exclusive Cabot Growth Investor special reports:

  1. 10 Rules of Growth Stock Investing
  2. Seven Ways to Build and Protect Your Wealth
  3. Six Ways to Pick Monster Growth Stocks

You can look forward to continuing updates and reports throughout your Charter Membership.

FREE BENEFIT No. 7: Lifetime Guarantee

For more than four decades, the Cabot organization has earned the trust of not only the professional investment community but our readers as well. Frankly, we wouldn’t have been around this long if we didn’t deliver quality research, analysis, and, most important, results.

Our goal from the beginning has always been to make certain that we always provide our members the best and most-profitable investment advice on the planet.

For these reasons, if you feel that Cabot Growth Investor is not delivering on this promise, just let us know and we will send you a no-questions-asked refund at any time during your Charter Membership: 100% during your six-month trial and 100% on the balance of your Charter Membership anytime after that, right up to the last day.

Special 45th Anniversary Pricing Makes
You a Winner Right from the Start

Here at Cabot, our mission has always been not only to bring independent investors the most profitable and practical investment advice on the planet but also to bring it to you at the most affordable price.

Over the years, I’m proud to say we’ve kept that commitment on both counts. Not only doubling investors’ money 29 times in 45 years but also at a price ALL INVESTORS can afford—$1.12 a day. ($410)

However, as part of our 45th anniversary celebration, we’ve lowered the price to just $99 a year.

That’s a savings of 74% off the regular price—just 27 cents a day—and a small investment to make for a year’s worth of unbiased and time-proven profitable investment advice.

That price includes your FREE copy of 10 Top IPOs for 10-Bagger Profits, twice-monthly issues, a private website, and email and text alerts, plus these three additional reports upon joining:

Because Cabot Growth Investor is designed to help you build your wealth over the long term, we’ve decided to offer you—one time only—the opportunity to join us for two years for just $175.

With our 100% money-back guarantee, that’s quite a bargain, considering you can cancel at any time during the next six months and get all your money back while locking in our lowest price for life now.

Naturally, I couldn’t offer you such a strong guarantee if I didn’t believe that Cabot Growth Investor would deliver as promised. With our 45-year track record for building wealth, I know you won’t be disappointed.

So why not join us for two years and test-drive Cabot Growth Investor on my dime before you make a final decision?

You’ll have six months to decide, you won’t risk a dime, and your profits are ensured.

There’s just one catch:

We will be limiting these 27-cents-a-day Charter Memberships to no more than 1% of our readers and for the next 78 hours only.

So if you want to profit from our 45 years of market-beating investment expertise and new IPO coverage at our lowest price ever, I wouldn’t sit on this.

Since we’ve been telling our readers how our new IPO coverage will get you in on the ground floor of the next Starbucks, the next Amazon, and the next Whole Foods, over 5,000 of them have signed up to received this special invitation.

And while I can’t tell you how many will ultimately take advantage of our 45th anniversary pricing, I can tell you this: Based on the responses we’ve received so far, we will most likely have to turn people away again.

So if you do think you want to join us, I wouldn’t put off joining too long, because once our Charter Memberships are filled, you’ll have to wait until next year to take advantage of this special anniversary pricing. Even worse, you’ll miss out on the new IPOs we’re targeting for 10-bagger profits.

To make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next Starbucks, click here now.

You’ll automatically lock in your savings for the life of your membership. And the best part is, you have absolutely nothing to risk by responding to my invitation today.

No matter what you decide, I want to thank you for the loyalty that you have shown us over the years and for considering this exclusive Charter Membership offer to join us at Cabot Growth Investor.

Click here now to lock in your savings and secure your spot.

Welcome aboard,

Timothy Lutts

Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Analyst Cabot Growth Investor

PS: I can’t stress this enough. If you are at all considering a membership in our new and improved Cabot Growth Investor, I hope you’ll let us know right away. While our 45th anniversary savings offer will last for the next 78 hours, we think we will reach our cap much faster, as 5,000 of our readers have already expressed interest in profiting from our new IPO coverage.

So if you’re at all thinking you might want to join us, now is the time to secure you spot.

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So what are you waiting for?

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