WARNING: Bear Trap to Blindside U.S. Investors


Fellow Investor,

What’s a “Bear Trap?”

A bear trap is set as the markets rally in the midst of a major downtrend. Investors who pile in as the rally peaks become trapped as the market resumes its downtrend.

So what we have here is a bear trap condition.

That’s why we are more than 60% in cash right now and we’ve placed several of our stocks on hold.

Why not just sell everything?

That’s a great question but NOT a great investment move since the companies we own continue to generate double-digit sales and earnings growth.

They’ve simply been unfairly knocked down as the market has fallen—not because anything is wrong with their fundamentals. We simply believe they’ll be a bit cheaper down the road and will continue their winning ways as soon as this latest panic fades.

As a result, we’re planning to use our cash reserves to not only add to our positions but also scoop these market leaders we’ve targeted for double-digit gains the moment our Cabot Trend Lines tell us to do so.

Including …

• A major player in the trading of a variety of financial instruments with a big profit potential in 2016.

• The social media giant that continues to act well through market volatility.

• A growing company that increases its footprint in the fragmented self-storage industry.

• A fast growing software solutions provider of the unique needs of state, local government organizations and school districts. The company has grown earnings at least 20% in each of the last seven quarters, and analysts are projecting 35% growth this year.

Not Every Stock Will Bounce Back

Unfortunately, many of last year’s winners—including many BIG NAME blue chip stocks—will not be so fortunate. They will continue to see their stock prices plummet.

So what's the problem?

Unlike our AAA-rated stocks, they’re victims of China’s slow growth, the rising dollar, falling exports or increased competition—you name it. All of which continue to push their stock prices down for a very long time.

You’re going to want to get out of those stocks before the market drops again. My new sell side report lists 7 big name companies you must sell now before they fall further.

My report brings you the full details and will go as a free bonus to all Cabot Stock of the Month clients in good standing TONIGHT.

The First Thing You Must Understand to Profit in This Market

The 2016 market will be driven by new companies in niche markets and not by ones that drove the 2009 - 2014 bull market to new heights.

The reason is simple:

The incredible six-year bull market has run its course. No matter how much you hope and pray, you are not going to see the same kind of 100% to 500% gains many top performing companies have enjoyed over the past five years.

How can they?

The mammoth tidal wave of buying that drove this incredible bull run since 2009 will soon resemble a trickle from a garden hose as China’s growth slows along with consumers’ spending and Wall Street turns its attention to faster growing companies at the beginning of their great growth years and not those whose fortunes have plateaued.

Where the Big Money Will Be Made

As hedge funds, institutional investors and insiders jettison these big multinationals, they won’t be sitting in cash. They are loading up on the stocks that will continue to deliver exponential earnings growth over the next 12 months.

I’m talking about companies whose earnings are driven by expanding market share and real sales growth—and not cost-cutting or buy-backs.

Why? Because cost-cutting and stock buy-backs can only drive earnings for so long. Once that stock tool has expired, those stocks will falter too.

You’ve seen this all play out before in previous market collapses. Stocks with sustained sales and earnings growth bounce back the fastest … while those who played the cost-cutting/buy-back game don’t.

So PLEASE be sure to read my just-released sell side report before these 7 big name widely held stocks fall again.

It’s free, as part of a one-day special offer, but you must act now.

Stick With The Best, Sell The Rest

Here at Cabot Stock of the Month, our Spectrum Investing system is designed to do just that—bring you the world’s top-performing growth stocks with sustained earnings and sales growth that will continue to drive them higher.

Frankly, it’s been our laser-like focus on superior fundamentals that has handed us many breathtaking profits over the past 10 years—and in markets more dangerous and volatile than this.

And it’s because our system targets real and sustainable sales and earnings growth, which puts a huge cushion of safety under our investments.

The result has handed my readers the kinds of breakout profits that most investors only dream of:

This is why the average gain on our current portfolio is a whopping 120%—with only one holding in the negative at -3%—and why our Cabot Stock of the Month holdings are set to continue to rise through this market crisis.

It is precisely our selectivity that continues to richly reward our readers—in both good times and bad—as our stocks continue to outperform the market.

And This Brings Me to You and the Opportunity
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Sincerely,Timothy Lutts
Timothy Lutts

Publisher, Cabot Stock of the Month

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