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Cabot Growth Investor: The Best Stock Advisory
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Twenty years ago, in a place not very far from where you are right now, there was a man with a $28,000 IRA portfolio and only 15 years left until the usual retirement age.

A lot of things had come between him and his ability to adequately save for retirement: a couple of job layoffs over the years, college tuition for three kids, some health problems that insurance didn’t entirely cover.

At this point, he knew he had to do something drastic to catch up, or he’d wind up working, as the saying goes, until lunchtime on the day of his funeral. And as he looked around for help, he came across Cabot Investing Advice, and thought it looked like an interesting company. The analysts had proven track records, and the company seemed to offer straightforward, honest advice, minus the hype that comes with so many investment advice outfits.

So this investor—Matthew—spent a whopping $29 on a Special Report from Cabot called Cabot's 10 Favorite Low Priced Stocks. After studying this report carefully, Matthew bought 1,000 shares at $10.71 of ShengdaTech, manufacturer of a particular functional additive called NPCC, who had a lock on supplying NPCC to the tire industry and also served the plastics, paint, ink and paper industries.

Four days later, Matthew sold his shares for $12.75—a gain of more than $2,000 for a recommendation from Cabot that cost him $29. He took a bit of his profits and subscribed to the Cabot Growth Investor newsletter. Using Cabot’s time-tested, momentum-based technical system that scientifically identifies the big breakout growth stocks before they take off, Matthew saw his portfolio grow an astonishing 21.46% in just two months!

That was almost 95% better than he had ever done before. He knew he was on his way to a comfortable retirement—many years before his funeral!

He still follows our advice for cutting poorly-performing stocks and letting his winners run, but now, after being able to take retirement two years early (in spite of the 2008 market crash—more on that below), he does it as an investor now building wealth for his loved ones (including four grandchildren—so far!).

Dear Cabot Investor,

As the son of Cabot’s founder, I love a good story about multiple generations of families prospering from our advice. And I want to help you and your family create your own success story.

After all, Cabot Growth Investor is not just the best stock advisor newsletter you can read today, it’s a family for both its analysts and its subscribers—many of whom are themselves second generation Cabot Growth Investor readers!

We’re a family because at Cabot, we don’t just publish newsletters. We talk to our subscribers, answer their questions and solve their problems—often even when a question comes in at the last minute about a potential play.

Most importantly, Cabot’s growth investing advice has helped those who followed it from the beginning in 1970 to double their money … more than 29 times … in the past 45 years!

10 Ways To Get Rich—Guaranteed

But I’m not going to ask you to simply take my word for it. I’m going to give you a chance to test-drive Cabot Growth Investor so you can see for yourself why so many people have succeeded like Matthew did.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Receive a FREE copy of my 10 Rising Superstar Stocks for 2016, including 10 “buy and forget” savings stocks that will deliver 35% to 50% gains in 2016.
  2. Subscribe right now to Cabot Growth Investor for a 60-day RISK-FREE trial at just $497 for one year. If you would rather not commit to a full year you can choose our convenient monthly billing of only $49.97.
  3. Leverage my time-tested, proven, technical investing approach system in bi-weekly issues of Cabot Growth Investor.
  4. Profit from Cabot’s current market view that’s online and updated daily as market conditions change, so you’ll always know what the charts say and what to do.
  1. Seize unexpected opportunities with text alerts that tell you immediately when market news affects any of our recommendations.
  2. Manage your investments with confidence using our complete buy, sell or hold instructions on each one of our portfolio stocks, along with the full details on our watch list plays, so you’ll be ready to act when our next signal says BUY.
  3. Research potential market plays using 24/7 access to our private Cabot Growth Investor website.
  4. Email our analysts with your questions at any time.
  5. Read our daily Cabot Wealth Advisory newsletter, including insights from our other premium newsletter advisories.
  6. Grow your wealth—and guarantee your retirement on your own schedule!

And remember that doubling of our subscribers’ money I mentioned—29 times in the last 45 years? That kind of success makes me so confident in Cabot Growth Investor that I GUARANTEE your satisfaction in two ways:

Try Cabot Growth Investor RISK-FREE for 60 days when you subscribe at our low price of $497.

If any of this sounds too good to be true, consider what Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch said of Cabot Growth Investor:

“… the veteran [Cabot Growth Investor] was a successful bull both after the 2002 lows, bailing out farsightedly in 2007, and from early 2009 … over the past five years, the letter was up an annualized 10.89% vs. just 1.33% annualized for the total return Wilshire 5000. Indeed, over the past fifteen years, the letter is up an impressive 8.02% annualized vs. 6.18% annualized for the total return Wilshire—a difference that really compounds.”

“I have great respect for [Cabot Growth Investor], because it was, sequentially, bullish but anticipated the 2008 Crash; the post-2008 rebound; and (reluctantly) the more recent stall.”

Cabot Growth Investor was also named as one of nine newsletters in Hulbert's 2010 Honor Roll for above average performance in both up and down markets. So as you can see, Cabot Growth Investor helps its readers sail through bull and bear markets over the long haul—not just this year.

Honest Advice, Reader-Friendly Style

In addition to our outstanding record, another thing that makes Cabot Growth Investor stand out in a crowd of even the best stock advisor newsletters: our friendly, no-frills style.

In every issue of Cabot Growth Investor, we deliver clear, concise instructions on each stock in our model portfolio, including the reasons behind our position. For example, here’s what we recently said about Amazon (AMZN):

… the company announced that Cyber Monday saw a 40% year-over-year increase in orders for firms selling their wares on Amazon (23 million units that day alone), and active sellers using Amazon’s fulfillment services grew 50% for 2015 as a whole. Basically, the company is becoming a go-to place to sell handmade products, home services, business products and more—a true marketplace for the 21st century. Back to the stock, our leash isn’t limitless, but with shares back to where they were in mid-December (similar to the overall market), we’re OK holding on and seeing how shares act from here.

That’s not just a stock advisory, that’s a stock-picking lesson—and completely accurate, as we yanked the leash back on Amazon shortly thereafter and sold. Meanwhile, here’s how the same stock looked to another stock advisory:

In the absence of shocks, this position has solid upside potential on a very near-term basis. But everything is still vulnerable in a market at its high.

Translation: “It might continue to grow. It might not. Who knows?”

Remember, Cabot Growth Investor is not only one of the best stock advisor newsletters available today. I’m also offering it to you right now at just $1.36 per day! No self-respecting investor can overlook a solid investment like that.

So I hope you’ll join Matthew and thousands of other satisfied investors who build wealth and a comfortable retirement by using Cabot Growth Investor. Our friendly family wants you and yours to enjoy life, not stress over pages of analysis, jargon and graphs!

Take me up on this offer right now, before you make another move in the market. You’ll experience for yourself the wealth-building power for 60 days RISK-FREE—your money back if you stop before the end of the trial period—when you subscribe for a year for only $497. With nothing to lose, why not subscribe today?

Yours for building wealth,

Tim signature

Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Advisor, Cabot Growth Investor

PS: Don’t forget—even if you decide not to continue your subscription to Cabot Growth Investor, you get to keep my 10 Rising Superstar Stocks for 2016 —the same advice our readers have followed for more than four decades that’s helped them secure their financial futures in all markets and at all times along with our top 10 stocks to buy now. Who wants to be working on the day of their funeral, after all?

For these reasons, if you’d like to become our next retirement millionaire, you must accept my 60 day risk-free trial, $1.36-a-day savings offer, and money-back guarantee today without hesitation.

PPS: Still not convinced? Here’s what Matthew had to say way back when he first told us about his early success:

I'm beginning to think that the closest thing to investing in a "sure thing" is to follow Cabot's advice. I don't know who is smarter: you, for your recommendations, or me for following them!

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