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Cash is flooding into emerging markets again—a whopping $10 billion in just the last five months!

This represents not only a mammoth turnaround from the $103 billion that flowed out of emerging markets over the past two years, but also signals a huge opportunity in the making.

Three events, in particular, are driving this new boom.

  1. Rising commodity prices, which drives growth in emerging nations,
  2. Rising foreign currencies, which increases profits and cash flow, and
  3. Value—emerging markets stocks are cheap by U.S. standards, selling for a P/E ratio of 11 compared to 17 for U.S. stocks.

This is why the MSCI Emerging Markets Index has outperformed the S&P 500 by better than $3-to-$1 year to date. That distance is going to grow even wider as billions more floods into emerging markets.

The reason is simple: at long last the commodities Bear Market of 2013—2015 is over.

Just look:

Of course, Wall Street’s pundits would have you believe that these are just short-term anomalies.

Yet, with interest rates not rising as expected … China’s slowdown turning the corner … and emerging markets currencies continuing to gain ground on the U.S. dollar, we see this “surge” continuing for some time.

I don’t mention this to brag, but over the past six months we’ve made a fortune as the groundwork of this rebound has taken shape.

For example:

And ALL 10 of our holdings are growing—with nine double-digit winners to date.

Have I caught your attention?

I hope so because we’re on the ground floor of an incredible boom in emerging markets.

For these reasons, if you can add any of our stocks to your holdings now you not only could see your assets rise 10% to 20% in weeks …

… but also grab a few doubles along the way as the emerging markets juggernaut catches fire and Wall Street bids our holdings higher.

Our new emerging markets update will be released to the public at midnight, however you can receive an advanced copy by clicking the link below.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Don’t miss this.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What’s Headed Your Way

As you’ll see in the latest emerging markets update, our 10 top holdings are on track to ride the emerging markets recovery to double-digit profits in 2016.

Not only are they making money now, but they’re on their way to repeating their double-digit gains in the next 30 to 90 days.

Just look:

Our No. 1 Emerging Markets Stock is a locked-in profit opportunity that’s beginning to look a lot like pharmaceutical giant Dr. Reddy’s that handed investors 774% gains in 14 years.

Like Dr. Reddy’s, this company is also riding a wave of profit growth but in the online commerce business. Earlier this month, the company reported a fantastic quarter—revenues rose 29%, while items sold leapt 45%, which was the fastest growth rates since 2009.

Payment volume through the company’s system surged 51% (in U.S. dollar terms) to $1.82 billion. And the firm’s delivery operation saw shipments double from the prior year. Earnings also easily topped expectations, and analysts see the bottom line reaccelerating next year.

The stock is up 64% in the last six months and is headed for similar gains in months to come.

Get more details in tonights update. It’s free, as part of a one-day special offer, but you must act now.

To find out the name of the stock you must act now.

Our No. 2 Emerging Markets Stock is a fast-growing company that continues to do a very good business in the general internet space in China. The real growth driver these days, accounting for 76% of total revenues, is its game business. The firm first began building this segment in a big way in the mid 2000s, and today it’s one of the leading PC and mobile game firms in China and the world as a whole.

The stock is up 74% in the last 12 months and is on target to bring similar gains in the months to come as the company increases it online presence and mobile gaming business.

So it’s no surprise that the world’s shrewdest institutional investors own this company’s shares.

After all, the company has crushed most recent analysts earnings estimates by more than 100%.

Looking ahead, there’s little doubt that demand for online advertising and mobile games will continue to surge in China, bringing double-digit earnings growth to this company. Grab it today to catch its continued momentum.

Full details are in tonight’s emerging markets update.

Our No. 3 Emerging Markets Stock is a fast-growing technology opportunity that just had its IPO last month.

The company’s games, sales of digital stickers and ads were the largest contributors to more than a billion dollars of revenue in 2015 (39% increase over 2014). Revenue growth increased to 62% from the previous quarter.

Thankfully, few investors know this stock. But that could change quickly as more investors become interested in this technology company. And in a bull market like this, investors have a healthy appetite for new issues. So don’t wait. Grab it now.

Here’s the best part:

Those are just three of our 10 recommendations that headed toward 50% gains in the next 90 days.

So be sure to secure your copy before we release this to the public.

Wait until after our emerging markets update is released and you could miss out on the next wave of profits headed your way.

That’s Why You MUST Establish Your Positions Now

As the world’s leading emerging markets stock advisory, hedge funds and institutional investors follow us closely. Once our emerging markets update becomes public they could easily jump in and bid our holdings higher as they often do.

However, by establishing your positions now you’ll gain a head start in the race for profits. That’s why we release our emerging markets updates directly to our readers through our encrypted email system—to make sure our readers don’t get bid out of our stocks.

This is how we not only doubled our readers’ money nine times since 2005 but also achieved a No. 1 ranking from The Hulbert Financial Digest, along with a Best Investment Newsletter of the Year designation by Peter Brimelow of MarketWatch.

All by focusing on the world’s top emerging markets opportunities.

I speak, for example, of the following:

If this sounds like the kind of global investing advantage you’re looking for, you owe it to yourself to read tonight’s emerging markets update—before it becomes public information.

Here’s the best part:

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That way, you’ll be able to experience firsthand the money doubling profits my faithful readers have enjoyed over the past nine years—and the opportunity to profit from the rebound in emerging markets—before the big money piles on and drives our stocks higher—and all without you risking a dime.

So here’s the deal …

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Timothy Lutts Tim Lutts, Chief Investment Officer
Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

P.S. I can’t stress this enough.

With oil prices rising 53%, steel prices rising 77%, and iron ore prices soaring 44% as the price of gold has jumped 24%, the bear market in commodities and emerging markets is over. Our 63%, 34% and 27%, gains to date prove just that.

Our new emerging markets update brings you the full stories on our top 10 stocks to buy now, how the rebound in emerging markets could hand you 50% gains in the next 90 days, and why it’s important that you establish your positions now.

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