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Since we launched Cabot Options Trader in 2011, our revolutionary options trading system has been knocking it out of the park!

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"I am up 76% on this investment this week and was up 56% on another investment last week. I could support myself with a few of these each week. I paid $1.99 a share and will sell it for over $3.70... WOW... It is worth learning this."—P. Friedman, Atlanta, Georgia

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Once you see how our Options trading system works, you’ll never trade options another way again.

The reason is simple:

We do all the heavy lifting for you, not only telling you which options to trade and when to trade them but also which new opportunities to roll your profits into.

How Our Options Trading System Can Hand You 20 Winning Trades in 60 Days

As you are about to discover, our EZ Options Trading System is about to do for stock investing what my father Carlton Lutts’ momentum-based Optimo stock picking did for growth investing when he created it back in 1970—not only doubling our readers’ money 29 times since then but also making many of our readers rich!

That’s the whole reason I brought seasoned floor trader Jacob Mintz aboard as our chief options trader to make our options trading service simpler, easier, and more profitable.

That was no easy task, mind you.

After all, in the five years since we launched Cabot Options Trader, we had not only doubled our readers’ money 19 times but also handed them 135 double- and triple-digit trades along the way.

But I knew we could do better, and so did Jacob, who had been slowly developing a revolutionary “follow the money” options trading system during the past decade.

You see, as a frontline floor trader, he discovered how big block traders could send options prices through the roof, with uncanny predictability, and was determined to turn that knowledge into profits.

Once Jacob showed me the profitable trades he had banked while refining his system, I enlisted our entire staff of analysts, researchers and programmers to further perfect and test his system.

Using Jacob’s on-the-trading-floor methodology, we were able to put Cabot’s technical computing power behind his ideas to develop an astonishingly simple system that:

  1. Tracks what the best-informed hedge fund traders are doing with their money, and
  2. Identifies easy options trades that will let us piggyback directly on top of their profits—and at half the risk they are taking.

Of course, this wasn’t easy. It took us 16 months and more than 10,000 man-hours to develop. We had a number of setbacks along the way.

But in the end we were able to create a revolutionary options trading system that could:

The results that we’ve enjoyed in Cabot Options Trader have been truly remarkable:

In fact, if our successes continue to repeat themselves—and the statistics say they will—in the next 12 months we could double even triple the 135 double- and triple-digit winning trades we’ve handed our readers over the past five years!

That’s Exactly What Makes Jacob’s EZ System Such a
Revolutionary Approach to Trading Options

That it automatically lets you:

  1. Leverage the big moves of options traders
  2. Select the top trades in the market from the millions of contracts traded daily
  3. Pinpoint 60-day windows of opportunity to grab 50% to 100% with probability factors as high as 95%
  4. Capture these kinds of quick options profits as easily as trading stocks

That’s why I can promise you 20 winning trades in 60 days.

What You’ll Like Best about
Cabot Options Trader EZ Trading System

Simply put, it takes the guesswork out of options trading.

That’s because there are:

  1. No charts to read
  2. No hours of analysis to perform
  3. No complicated trades

EZ does that for you automatically using our proprietary options trading engine that identifies the block trades with the biggest potential along with the timing to maximize your profits.

As a result …

You can achieve hedge fund-like profits using simple options trades with zero guesswork on your part.


You can make all our trades with three clicks of your mouse, just as you do when you buy and sell stocks the Cabot way: one to buy, one to sell and one to roll your profits into a new trade.

For these reasons, if you can put the moneymaking power of our EZ Options Trading System to work for you, you’ll be able to leverage small stock moves into huge profits too.

You’ll buy low-priced options right at the tipping point of a breakout and sell for big gains too.

And if you can roll those profits into our next trades, you’ll leverage yourself to even greater wealth—even if you’ve never traded options before.

Of course, you needn’t take my word.

You be the judge.

Check out the quick profits our EZ OPTIONS Trading System can hand you. See how one of our options trades can hand you 50% to 100% every 30 days.

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In an industry where hundreds of investing advisories come and go yearly, I’m proud to say the Cabot organization has withstood the test of time, helping investors like you take advantage of the greatest profit opportunities in the market for more than 45 years.

The secret to our success is simple:

We continue to offer our readers the most profitable and practical investment advice on the planet and at the most affordable price.

Advice based on solid scientific technical and fundamental data and proven results and not on the whims of prognosticators who have proven to be wrong more often than not.

That’s why a subscription to Cabot Options Trader comes complete with our CABOT money-back DOUBLE guarantee:

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When my dad launched Cabot Growth Investor over 45 years ago, he did so with the goal of making stock investing accessible, profitable and affordable to the average investor.

It is in that spirit that we launched Cabot Options Trader five years ago at the low price of just $147 per month.

If you join now, I will extend to you the same low introductory price.

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As the publisher of Cabot Options Trader, I wish we could offer memberships to everyone who wanted to join. But I can’t.

Just as we limited our Charter Memberships to no more than 1% of our Cabot readership, we must limit this one day sales offer to the first 17 who say “Yes” today, because we have only 17 discounted trial memberships open.

Once those spots are filled, my friend, this service will be closed until the next opening. And I can’t promise that will be anytime soon.

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Timothy Lutts, Chief Investment Strategist

Timothy Lutts,
Chief Investment Strategist

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