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Dear Investor,

On April 29, I will be introducing one of greatest investment opportunities in the 45-year history of the Cabot Market Letter, and I’d like you to be a part of this historic occasion.

When I say historic I mean it.

You see, after 45 years we’re going to be expanding our coverage to include Wall Street’s hottest IPOs. IPOs that can hand you life-changing gains greater than those we’ve handed our readers over the past four decades.

That’s a big claim I know, especially when we’ve doubled our readers’ money 29 times in 45 years. But not when you consider the kinds of profits you can score when you get in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s hottest IPOs.

I speak, for example of…

  • Starbucks; +13,410%
  • Whole Foods; +3720%
  • Express Scripts; + 42,387%
  • Cisco; + 36,650%
  • Qualcomm; +9288%
  • Staples; +2082%
  • IAC Interactive; +1193
  • Yahoo; +3453%
  • Amazon; +25,602%
  • eBay; +3006%

I’m proud to say that our new IPO coverage will give you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of next Star Bucks, the next Whole Foods, and/or the next Amazon before they become household names and make early investors rich.

In a moment, I’ll explain how you can receive a FREE copy of our first-ever IPO report and the guaranteed profits that come with it, but first let me explain…

How We Cracked The Code on IPOs


On April 29, We’re Changing Our Name From Cabot Market Letter to Cabot Growth Investor

To celebrate our name change, I’ll be sending you a special invitation to test-drive the new and improved Cabot Growth Investor for six months risk-free.

Enter your email address below to save the date and I’ll send you a FREE copy of our 45th annual investing series in advance of your special invitation.

It’s called, Why the Next 12 Months Could Secure Your Future Wealth. In it you’ll discover how we not only have doubled our readers money 29 times since 1970 but also our 10 top stocks to buy now along with why they could double your money five times in 2015.

Just like your FREE subscription to Cabot Wealth Advisory, our 45th annual investing series and special invitation to test-drive the Cabot Growth Investor is yours FREE too—without any cost or obligation to buy a thing.

It’s simply as our way of continuing to fulfill the commitment we’ve made to investors since my dad launched our advisory in 1970: To bring you the most profitable investments on the planet.

Enter your email address below to RSVP for your six-month FREE trial and to begin our five-part investing series.

Surprisingly it started with this email from a curious subscriber…

“Dear Tim, Is there a way to apply your OptiMo stock picking approach to IPOs?”

I’m embarrassed to say that in over four decades of profitable investing, we hadn’t thought about applying our momentum-focused stock picking system to initial public offerings (IPOs) until I received that email.

Yet, over the years we’ve applied our “OptiMo” system to small cap, mid cap, large cap stocks and global growth stocks with market beating results.

As a result, I was challenged and determined to see if we could apply our time-proven system to Initial Public Offerings with the same success.

Little did I know that it would take two years and 10,000 man-hours to crack the code on IPOs but also result in one of the biggest breakthroughs in Cabot history—the opportunity to capture life-changing gains from America’s most profitable IPOs after they go public.

Why did this take so long?

Because many IPOs prices collapse after the initial excitement wears off and for the same reasons that many established companies stock prices collapse as well—lack of sales, lack of earnings, lack of growing market share.

That’s why I put our entire staff of analysts and researchers to work develop a system that could separate the winning IPOs from the losers after they go public—using our time-proven OptiMo growth system in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It wasn’t easy, mind you, because there are so numerous variables to consider because every IPO offers is different as the products they sell. Which is why we had countless setbacks in identifying that handful of IPOs that could become the next Amazon, the next Starbucks, and not the next

However, that problem was finally solved on March 1, 2015 when our system passed our CFO’s fifth and final test, proving beyond doubt that it could identify the next Yahoo, next EBay, and/or the next QUALCOMM.

So much so that we have no problem placing the Cabot name and the Cabot guarantee of the recommendation this new system generates.

We call our IPO system 3G for Great Stories, Great Numbers and Great Charts. We think you’ll call it a dream come true. That’s because combined with our OptiMo system, as has been back tested and proven to get you in on the ground floor of Wall Street’s most profitable IPOs.

  • Starbucks; +13,410%
  • Whole Foods; +3720%
  • Express Scripts; + 42,387%
  • Cisco; + 36,650%
  • Qualcomm; +9288%
  • Staples; +2082%
  • IAC Interactive; +1193
  • Yahoo; +3453%
  • Amazon; +25,602%
  • eBay; +3006%

That’s why we believe our new IPO coverage will bring you the greatest investment opportunities in our 45-year history!

My colleagues who have seen the first draft of our new IPO report and recommendations have not only been stunned by our methodology for choosing these stocks but also how they fit nicely into our time-proven growth focused approach.

“From what I’ve seen so far, your IPO report represents a breakthrough in identifying Wall Street’s biggest future growth stocks—light years ahead of Wall Street.” Paul Goodwin, Emerging Markets Specialist, Analyst and Editor of Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report.

“Every time I look at your back-tested triple-digit results, I’m convinced your members will be very pleased with their new profits your IPO coverage will bring them.” J. Royden Ward, Value Investment Specialist, Analyst and Editor of Cabot Benjamin Graham Value Investor.

“Best system for generating options like profits over the long term—and I’ve seen them all.” Jacob Mintz, Analyst and Editor of Cabot Options Trader

A quick look at a few of the IPOs from first annual report and we think you’ll be impressed too:

  • Grab 10-Bagger Profits from the Tesla of Utilities
    This fast-growing green-energy IPO is about to make the same impact on renewable energy as Tesla has made on the auto industry and hand you similar 925% gains. With 860% quarterly sales growth, it’s easy to see why.

  • Make 10 Times Your Money in the Microsoft of Self-Driving Cars
    Imagine owning a company with a license to print money. That’s what you’ll find here in this little-known start-up that’s the hands-down leader in self-driving car technology. That’s because the company has OEM agreements in place with GM, Honda, Volvo, Ford, BMW, Nissan, Hyundai, and Chrysler.

  • Retire Rich with the Next Medtronic
    If you’ve never heard of Medtronic, the stock has handed investors 12,881% gains since it went public by creating the most advanced cardio therapies in the world.
    We see this company delivering similar profits combating chronic sinusitis (CS)—a condition that affects 29 million Americans, resulting in 15 million doctor visits and 20% of all outpatient prescriptions for antibiotics.

These are just three of the 10 top IPOs we are not targeting for 10-bagger profits.

On April 29, we are going to personally invite a handful of investors to preview and profit from all our new IPO recommendations—all of which you’ll find posses the same profit profiles as Start Bucks, Amazon, E-Bay and Yahoo before they handed investors 10-bagger profits.

Like your free subscription to Cabot Wealth Advisory, this invitation is FREE, too, and comes without any obligation to purchase a thing.

This is how we’ve become one of the most-respected, trusted, and profitable investment advisories in America and why thousands of Americans trust us to help them safely, security, and systematically build their wealth.

And it’s all because we continually work to bring you the most profitable investment advisory on the planet but also the widest range of investors’ services that keep you on top of the markets and your money safe and growing.

Before your invitation arrives, I’d like to send you free copy of our 45th Anniversary Investing Series that we’ve created to help you maximize your profits in 2015.

It’s called Why the Next 12 Months Could Determine Your Future Wealth and consists of five free reports. Individually, they will show you where the economy is headed and how you can profit from the changes while avoiding mistakes other investors will make.

Together, these reports will give you a panoramic overview of where the big money will be made and where fortunes will be lost along with the 12 best stocks for the next 12 months. Plus, how you can secure your retirement in these volatile times.

Enter your email address below to let me know where to send your FREE investing series and then look for your personal invitation to preview and profit from our new IPO coverage on April 29.

The first report in your FREE series is called 20 Stocks To Sell Now.

In it we will profile the sectors and industries that will struggle in the months ahead and why, along with the names of 20 widely held companies whose sales and earnings will collapse along with their stock prices. These are the stocks that you are going to want to sell before their sales and earnings collapse. We name them all in this FREE report.

Your second FREE report in this series is called Where the Big Money Will Be Made.

In it we will give you a panoramic overview of the stocks and sectors we see booming in the next 12 to 24 months. You’ll learn about the best opportunities, the fastest-growing companies, and our top picks in each sector—along with our complete buy and target/sell prices on each one of them.

Your third FREE report in this series is called Two Biggest Mistakes Investors Are Making Now.

As the market hits new highs, many investors are buying the wrong stocks in the wrong sectors while failing to take advantage of some of the biggest profit opportunities that are directly under their noses. As a result, many investors will fail to reach their financial goals as the market trends higher. In this report, we’ll look directly at the two biggest mistakes nine out of 10 investors make, why they make them, and how you can keep these mistakes from pulling the plug on your financial future.

Your fourth FREE report is called How to Keep the Next Market Collapse from Sending You to the Poorhouse.

For over four decades, Cabot Market Letter has helped protect our readers’ wealth from being sacked by inflation, recession, market downswings, and rising interest rates—all by helping them build a well-balanced team of investments…while guiding them to high profit growth opportunities that continue to build their wealth no matter what is going on in the overall market. In this report, we’ll show you how you can gain the same kind of safety and protection for your holdings.

Your fifth FREE report in our series is our $1 Million Retirement Blueprint.

It’s the same one my dad created more than 45 years ago that’s helped countless Americans like you create million-dollar retirement wealth starting from scratch—no matter what your age or income. Along with our blueprint we’ll also share with you 10 stocks we believe should form the cornerstones of every retirement portfolio.

Best of all, our 45th anniversary investing series is yours FREE with compliments from the Cabot Wealth Advisory and without any obligation to purchase a thing.

Enter your email address below to let me know where to send your FREE investing series, and then look for your personal invitation to preview and profit from our new IPO recommendations.


Yours in pursuit of wisdom and wealth,
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Timothy Lutts
Chief Investment Officer
Cabot Heritage Corporation

P.S. During your FREE investing series you’ll also yearn about a number of FREE benefits you’ll begin to receive April 29 when the Cabot Market Letter becomes Cabot Growth Investor, including:

  • Instant text and email alerts to take advantage of quick opportunities as the market presents them
  • Direct access to editor and chief researcher Michael Cintolo, so that you can write him at any time with your questions about the exciting opportunities headed your way
  • Investor services staff to answer questions during market hours

Plus …

  • How we can guarantee market-beating returns along with minimum annual profits of 50%
  • PLUS you can join for a special discount price when we announce the name change to the public on April 29.