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Cabot Growth Investor

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The Next Big Move is Likely Up

January 4, 2017

In tonight\'s issue, we review all of our stocks, many of which have bounced nicely so far this week. We also present many new ideas (including a big winner from 2013 that is showing a little life) and write about the importance of sticking with the market\'s trend (instead of many secondary indicators).


January 11, 2017

The market could be a bit vulnerable in the short-term, but our market timing indicators remain bullish. In the Model Portfolio, we’re placing Callon Petroleum (CPE) on Hold tonight, but we’re adding Shopify (SHOP). That will leave us with about 20% in cash.
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Special Bulletins

December 1, 2016

While the overall market is still in decent shape, there’s no question that growth stocks are being crushed across the board. We’re selling Proofpoint (PFPT) and ServiceNow (NOW), which have both broken down on big volume. That will leave us with nearly in...
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Other Stocks of Interest

Updated January 6, 2017

Follow ups to stocks featured August 3, 2016 (issue 1347) to January 4, 2017 (issue 1358). Since they're not in the Model Portfolio, you don't see them followed on a regular basis. However, we are monitoring these stocks, and this listing gives their current status...
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