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Cabot Emerging Markets Investor applies the time-tested Cabot system to the fastest growing stocks in the world.

If you're considering emerging market stocks then you'll want to see what Chief Analyst Paul Goodwin has to share.  By combining expert stock selection and award-winning market timing you'll find this advisory easy to follow.

Invest in the advisory that has been recognized as a top performer by Hulbert, MarketWatch, SIIA, and more under Paul Goodwin.

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#1 Advantage

Cabot Emerging Markets Investor will show you how to profit from the fastest-growing stocks in the world. 

Why Is Cabot Emerging Markets Investor Right For You?

  • Invest in some of the fastest growing economies in the world!
  • Catch next-generation tech giants before they're discovered in the United States.
  • Invest in foreign stocks without having to leave U.S. exchanges! All featured stocks are available through ADRs.
  • With time-tested market timing, you’ll stay on the right side of market swings.
  • Diversify your portoflio with some of the strongest foreign stocks.
  • Invest in the advisory that has been recognized as a top performer by Hulbert, MarketWatch, SIIA, and more under Paul Goodwin.
  • You’re never alone!—chief analyst Paul Goodwin is just an email away.
  • Our 45 years of investing experience puts you in good hands.
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These Returns Could Be Yours:

Cabot Emerging Markets Investor: +7% | S&P 500 0%

Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

Cabot Emerging Markets Investor features one stock every two weeks. The advisory presents a model portfolio, which is fully invested with 10 positions. The portfolio uses the Cabot Emerging Markets Timer to guide its cash position and weightings in individual stocks. All recommendations are followed up weekly with buy, hold and eventually sell ratings. The performance shown is the gain in Cabot Emerging Markets Investor stocks since 12/31/14 compared to the S&P 500 over the same time period, not including dividends, as of 6/29/15.

150% in VipShop Holdings


87% in Baidu


93% in BitAuto


111% in Qihoo 360

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What our Customers say about Cabot Emerging Markets Investor

Thank you for Paul and the Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report, not only because of the data, but also for your awesome level of service. How special it is that the Cabot folks seem to have the mentality that attentiveness and patience are important, along with the information that you provide. B. Laxier, San Jose, California
Please renew my subscription to Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report for two years. I've really enjoyed Paul's analysis and it's helped me make pretty good money—better still, it lets me know when to lighten my exposure to China and other emerging markets. B. Chang, Belmont, California
Hi Paul, You'd think, what with emerging markets being all the rage right now and with your letter being so highly ranked and with your frequent presence on CNBC, that a lot more people would be trying to learn a little something about what they are doing. On that note, let me take this opportunity to thank you for what you give us week after week in your report and in the Cabot Market Letter. Between you and Mike Cintolo, I have received a first-rate education in stock investing since I entered the market in early 2008. What a time to START learning about how to buy and sell stocks! I would not have had the nerve to do it had I not heard you on CNBC one day and said, "Who is that? He thinks like I do about the market. I'd like to follow what he has to say." I knew it was a crazy time to start in the stock market, but I figured it would be invaluable as a learning experience—if I could learn what to do when times are bad, I would always be ready for anything ... I want you to know how much I appreciate the work that you do—especially your generous teaching spirit and your very agreeable sensibilities about things. K. Hudson, Frankfort, Kentucky, U.S.A.

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Guide to Investing in Emerging Markets

China Emerging Markets Guide

Chief Analyst Paul Goodwin applies Cabot's time-tested system to some the fastest-growing stocks in the market.  Paul combines the Story, Strong Numbers, and Charts into his "SNaC Approach" so you'll know exactly why he likes the stock.  Paul will set expectations and include his market timing signals so you can stay on the right side of the markets.