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If you're looking for the next up-and-coming stocks then look no further than Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. We limit the circulation of our advisory so that our subscribers own the stocks before the big institutions start buying them.

Each month, Chief Analyst Tyler Laundon will present a new small-cap stock with his in-depth research. You'll see many stocks from emerging technologies, including mobile telecommunications, biotech, cyber security, genetic medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals, sensors, robotics and other fields with unlimited upside potential.

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#1 Advantage

Navgiate the fast-paced world of small-cap stocks with Cabot Small-Cap Confidential. This limited-circulation advisory will help you find the technologies of tomorrow, with virtually limitless profit opportunities.

Why Is Cabot Small-Cap Confidential Right For You?

  • Get some of the best small-cap stocks complete with timely investment advise right to your inbox.
  • Uncover some of the market’s best kept secrets and own them before the big institutions find them.
  • We’ll tell you exactly what action to take at every step of the investment process.
  • Cabot Small-Cap Confidential will introduce you to new, under-researched companies that could change the world with their products.
  • Own these stocks before they breakout and become household names.
  • Add Tyler’s years of investing experience to your portfolio to uncover the most exciting small-cap opportunities.
  • You’re never alone—Chief Analyst Tyler Laundon is just an email away.
  • Our 45 years of investing experience puts you in good hands.

Cabot Small-Cap Confidential Performance

Cabot Small-Cap Confidential's focus is on finding undervalued and little-known small-cap companies with big ideas that serve very large markets. The advisory recommends one stock each month, and usually holds them as long-term investments. The advisory does not present a model portfolio—i.e., there's no cash position, weightings, etc.; however, all recommendations are followed up weekly with buy, hold and eventually sell ratings.The performance shown is the average gain of Cabot Small-Cap Confidential stocks since inception on 10/8/07, excluding current holdings as of 6/29/15.

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What our Customers say about Cabot Small-Cap Confidential

I find it imperative to again congratulate you on the best investment service I have ever subscribed to. Never have I had a service that I can count on a review of every stock in the portfolio on a weekly basis, sound advice as to when to take profits, differentiation of the stocks to buy based on price and market conditions, and complete analysis of a stock when it is recommended. I also must confess my selfish happiness that the service is for limited number of subscribers. This is not a one-lucky-stock service. While I have taken a couple of small losses, my profits following your advice has been exceptional. In my book, you are the number one service I have ever subscribed to. I appreciate being able to read your work on a weekly basis. On behalf of all of your subscribers, thank you for your very hard work and impressive insight. Ron A., Palm Beach, Florida
I tried most of the Cabot services and got good results but Small-Cap is my most favorite ... I am willing to renew my subscription before it gets over so that I do not miss a single letter!! If you like $$$ then join Small-Cap. Mr. Shah, Santa Clara, California
I just renewed my subscription to your small cap service. This was unusual since my subscription was not up until next year. It wasn't for the saving either. My renewed early subscription was to show my thanks and appreciation for your service, which I find to be the most comprehensive and accurate of any I have subscribed to. The reports are concise, well written, and followed up weekly. You tell your subscribers when it is time to take some profit, even though it must be difficult sometimes when a stock is going straight up. I subscribe to a myriad of services and advisories, but none, and I mean none, compare to what you do. Sure, your picks sometimes require patience, but the continued flow of information at least lets us know you are on the case and a stock acting poorly does not go by the wayside and get forgotten as it builds its business. This gives me the confidence to stay in a position, and add to it when it does not prove out immediately. I also appreciate the fact that you limit the size of your readership to protect the integrity of your stock selections, allowing those of us who have subscribed to enter at reasonable prices. Again, thanks for the extremely good work. It is much appreciated. Ron A, Wilmette, Illinois

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Guide to Small-Cap Investing

Guide to Small-Cap Investing

In this guide to Cabot Small-Cap Confidential, Chief Analyst Tom Garrity will show you how you can become a smarter, savvier, and wealthier investor in small-cap stocks.  Tom shares with you his 10 Rules for Successful Small-Cap Investing while instructing you on every step of the investment journey.  If you're looking for undiscovered companies with a big idea then you're going to want to take a closer look at Cabot Small-Cap Confidential.